Beach Reads: Five Summer Books To Make You Look Sexy And Smart

Sex, Drugs & Superheroes

By David Reddish

What It’s About: Apparently the San Diego Comic-Con is a “four-day orgy of geeks, gamers, nerds, stars, sellers, executives, celebrities, legends, has-beens, costumers, wanderers, heroes, villains and gawkers,” at least according to this book’s aroused (and conflicted) narrator. Uber-geek Liquin Sonos heads to the pop-culture mecca with his friends and delves into the kind of drug-fueled orgies you’d associate with circuit parties, not massive multiplayer online gaming.

Beach Burn: While the subtitle, A Savage Journey Into a Wretched Hive of Scum and Supervillainy, doesn’t leave much to imagination, this is a seriously sexy geek read. We recommend the Kindle version.