Big Gay Road Trip: Cheese and Potatoes

Wisconsin was not an official stop on our itinerary, but hunger forced us to stop at a place called the “Black River Crossing Oasis” sort of near Madison, WI. It first appearerd like a mirage on the horizon, and then we realized that yes, the giant mouse statue was real.


But that really was just the beginning of the Wisconsinian magic that awaited us. We saw a few more odd landmarks, ate some tacos unlike any we have ever seen, plus we learned a new word! All this after the jump.

All the real deer have been run over on the Interstate, so this could either be a tribute or a substitute.

We have finally tasted “Wis-Mex” food, and it’s umm… See below.

What may look like a chicken cutlet on a pita with a side of tator-tots is actually a “Mexi-Chicken Sandwich” with a side of “Potato Olés.”

Ketchipotle. That is all we have to say.

We considered sneaking into this little house to take a nap, but the large trucker sitting in the cab gave us a discouraging stare.