Big Gay Road Trip: Slippery Roads


Today we stumbled upon one of Chicago’s hidden secrets: the plentiful and varied supply of lubes at the corner pharmacy! We have all been in a crunch and been forced to buy Astroglide or (God forbid) KY at CVS in the middle of the night, and the end result is never good. Well here in Chicago at Walgreen’s, which is arguably the most conservative of all the big pharmacy chains, we found they sold more varieties of lube than they did celebrity perfumes (only Shania’s and Britney’s were in sight).

There was ID, Wet, Probe, and even something called “Elbow Grease” that came in intimidating tubs. We weren’t even in the gay neighborhood, yet while shopping for a pen we came face to face with the biggest bottle of ID Glide we have ever seen. See the detail shots after the jump, along with the moral of this story.




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