Bill Maher Destroys Antigay Christians: Bible Is “A Book That Commands You To Discriminate”

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During last Friday’s Real Time, professional atheist Bill Maher focused his last words on a headache that’s somehow throbbing louder again in America — the Christian right. More specifically, the equal parts desperate and translucent “religious freedom” movement.

“Ever since Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed his Religious Freedom Restoration Act, he and likeminded conservatives have been trying to have it both ways: They hate discrimination, but they love the Bible — a book that commands you to discriminate,” he preaches to his choir.

“If you believe that God wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah for being too gay, then yeah, he must be itching to hit West Hollywood.”

Bill points to personalities like Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Bob Jones III as examples of how some use the Bible as a weapon against gay people.

The advantage he sees America having over some other countries around the world? “We don’t let fundamentalists rule our shit.”

Watch below: