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Billy Santoro blames meth for racist diatribes

Billy Santoro, gay adult video, fat shaming
Billy Santoro

Australian adult film performer Billy Santoro issued an apology following racially tainted remarks criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement.

Santoro had encouraged Americans to “shoot first” following the protests over the killing of George Floyd.

According to the Daily Star, Santoro made the initial remarks on social media in June 2020 as protests against racial injustice swept across the United States.

“Lol. America! Lol you let your blacks loot as a way of protest. Wake the f*ck up. Shoot first,” Santoro wrote on Facebook.

In another post, Santoro wrote “Blacks will just breed more hatred towards them” in reference to instances of rioting and looting during the protests that had nothing to do with Black Lives Matter. In yet another post, he attacked African-Americans as homophobic, writing “Just putting this out there…I have never been ‘gay bashed’ Called ‘faggot’ etc. from a white, redneck Trump supporter. But I have been by African American men who live in Shaw in DC. #justsayin.”

Santoro also claimed without evidence that he had friends killed by looters in Philadelphia.

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Santoro’s OnlyFans and JustForFans accounts have both since been deleted. Santoro also deleted his Twitter account, though he later started a new, joint page with his husband Gage.

Now Santoro has returned to social media to apologize, claiming that consuming methamphetamine triggered his outbursts. “I’ve said some things that I totally regret,” Santoro said in his Twitter post, “which I apologize for and by no way mean, while under the influence. I finally woke up one day and hit rock bottom. Me and my husband Gage both have an addiction that we’re fighting, and it’s been hard. We have all the tools to recover but it’s been very hard. Gage and I made our choice, to choose each other over a drug…we need our friends and fans to rally behind us and help us through this time. I want people to see that this drug does to you.”

Unfortunately, racist comments are not the only things plaguing Santoro or his husband, Gage Santoro. The Sydney Morning Herald also reports on an ongoing dispute with neighbors, with residents complaining about the couple keeping dogs in their Sydney apartment as well as hosting sex parties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Police have been called to the home at least three times this year.