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Her boyfriend looks exactly like Michael Jackson and everybody can’t even

Everyone has a celebrity they’re convinced they look like. Usually this comes up in conversation along the lines of “People always tell me I look just like Antonio Banderas.”

“I don’t see it,” is the typical response, because let’s be honest, he looks nothing like Antonio Banderas.

One woman’s so-called boyfriend does not fall into this camp, however.

Twitter user Lourdes shared a photo of a man in a car, writing, “Y’all my man is so cute, look at the selfie he just sent me.”

The photo was retweeted 2,400 times, was liked nearly 9,000 times, and received 3,000 comments from people who just couldn’t even with how much this mystery man looks like Michael Jackson.

The shot even has Google convinced.

Search for images based off the above picture, and here’s what you’ll get:

The jokes have been absolutely nonstop:

But one has stood out from the rest.

A woman named Annie tweeted the following, which has received a staggering half-million likes:

And that started the joke machine all over again:

It’s just another day on the internet…