Brazilian Gay Mag DOM to Fold

You can’t go a day without hearing about another print magazine folding and it’s only a matter of time before gay media finds itself on the chopping block. Case in point: DOM magazine, one of Brazil’s leading gay publications is closing its doors. Parent publisher, Editora Peixes is in the middle of a messy fininancial restructuring and has been forced to shutter five of its titles– and DOM, as one of the youngest, was the first to go. The staff are looking for a new publisher, but unless they do, December’s issue will be the last.

This follows on previous news that Men’s Vogue and Playgirl have also folded. If this keeps up, where are we going to go to find quality “reading material”? Oh right, we’ll just go to the same place we’ve been going for a decade: The Internet. Put it this way, if glossy photos of sexy Brazililian boys losing their clothes can’t survive on the newsstand, the rest of the dead tree media dinosaurs are doomed.


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  • Darth Paul

    Most print media are doomed, and I find that a good thing. This is 2008, not 1968 for gods’ sake…you can find pretty much anything in print online, and you use up less water and trees that way.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    Every time I pick up a print news product, I put it down very quickly because I’ve already read all of the stories elsewhere online. Newspapers are always a day late on everything and magazines are even less timely. Doomed is correct!

  • Charles J. Mueller

    It’s called progress. The machine age gave us the cotton gin, making picking cotton by hand passé.

    Who needed bloody hands and fingers anyway? Do we moun the loss of that? lol

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