BREAKING: Andrew Breitbart, Conservative Internet Publisher And Unexpected LGBT Ally, Dead At 43

Andrew Breitbart, conservative publisher of, died unexpectedly from natural causes last night, reports ABC. He was 43.

Though rabidly conservative in many ways, Breitbart was an unexpected ally in the fight for gay rights, going so far as to join the board of GOProud, a Log Cabin-type gay Republican org. He had to step down after a little kerfuffle involving the outing of a Rick Perry strategist. Breitbart also played a curious role in the defrocking of Andrew Weiner.

Breitbart’s family announced his death this morning on his website, and the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office has confirmed that he died shortly after midnight at UCLA Medical Center.

His family posted the following statement on his website:

With a terrible feeling of pain and loss we announce the passing of Andrew Breitbart. We have lost a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior.

Andrew lived boldly, so that we more timid souls would dare to live freely and fully, and fight for the fragile liberty he showed us how to love.

Andrew recently wrote a new conclusion to his book, Righteous Indignation:

“I love my job. I love fighting for what I believe in. I love having fun while doing it. I love reporting stories that the Complex refuses to report. I love fighting back, I love finding allies, and—famously—I enjoy making enemies.

Three years ago, I was mostly a behind-the-scenes guy who linked to stuff on a very popular website. I always wondered what it would be like to enter the public realm to fight for what I believe in. I’ve lost friends, perhaps dozens. But I’ve gained hundreds, thousands—who knows?—of allies. At the end of the day, I can look at myself in the mirror, and I sleep very well at night.’

Andrew is at rest, yet the happy warrior lives on, in each of us.

Rest in peace, Andrew.

Photo via Gage Skidmore