Brian Sims is officially off the market! See the pics from his proposal on the beach

Brian Sims and Alex Drakos
Brian Sims and Alex Drakos (Photo: Brian Sims/Facebook)

Former Pennsylvania state Representative Brian Sims has gotten engaged to his partner, Alex Drakos.

The former high school football stud turned lawmaker and LGBTQ advocate posted over the weekend to social media. He revealed he’d got down on his knee whilst he and Alex were enjoying a visit to the beach.

“HE SAID YES!” said Sims.

“Tonight on the beach I asked Alex if he’d be my husband and he said yes! Our friends have been in on it awhile now and a few weeks ago I asked his parents before I flew out to Hong Kong if I had their permission.

“Luckily, just like my parents, they were excited and supportive. I’m so stupidly grateful to have this amazing man in my life and now it’ll be forever. #LoveStory”

Sims was in Hong Kong to take part in thw 10th Annual Asia Summit organized by the LGBTQ+ advocacy group, Out Leadership.

On his own Instagram stories, Drakos reshared the image with a caption saying “Easiest decision I’ve ever made”


Who is Brian Sims?

Brian Sims, 45, served as a Democratic Representative in Pennsylvania’s House between January 2013 and November 2022. Before that, he worked as a civil rights attorney.

Last year, he announced he was stepping down as a Rep. and running to be Lieutenant Governor. However, in May 2022, he lost the Democratic primary to fellow Democratic Rep. Austin Davis, who went on to be elected to the role.

In December 2022, Sims announced he was taking up a role as Managing Director of Government Affairs and Public Policy at Out Leadership in New York City. In August of this year, he also joined the Board of Trustees of The Tyler Clementi Foundation.

Last July, he posted a second anniversary posting featuring him and Drakos, suggesting they began dating in July 2021.

“TWO YEARS: It’s fascinating how much a single person can change the direction of your life! Today is two years with this incredible, compassionate human being and it’s the luckiest I’ve ever felt. Happy Anniversary, Alex. Thank you so much!!”

Here are some more photos of the men together.

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