Brian Sims Slams Trump/Pence’s Anti-LGBTQ Nonsense In Epic Takedown


Beloved congressional bear Brian Sims has NO PATIENCE for the garbage coming out of Mike Pence‘s mouth, and he’s letting the world know in no uncertain terms. In a fabulous op-ed for Philly Magazine, Sims launched into Pence, tearing him to shreds for his terrible policies.

“The most extreme pick for vice president in a generation,” Sims calls him, and it only gets better from there. Sims points out that Pence’s “no gays allowed” bill cost the state at least $60 million (some estimates put it at $250 million) by alienating businesses all over the world. “Welcome to the Trump-Pence GOP, which continues this divisiveness,” he says.

There are plenty of direct threats posed by Trump and Pence–even though Trump claims to be a “friend” to the gays, he’s anything but. He’s opposed to gay marriage; he’s said that he’d repeal Obama’s nondiscrimination orders; and the last time he said anything positive about LGBT rights was 2000.

And Pence has made a career out of hurting LGBT families, either by protecting straight-segregated lunch counters or by palling around with ex-gay advocates or by opposing repeal of DADT.

And what’s worse, Sims says, is that they’re fostering a climate of hatred and division, even when they’re not talking about queers. Trump’s antisemitic dog-whistles are one example; his proposal to ban Muslims is another; and Pence’s disinterest in hate crime protection is yet a third. Says Sims:

With all of the hatred swirling, it is even more imperative that we elect a president that will fight for our community and equality for all. Here in Philadelphia, we’ll be supporting a candidate for president that will fight for every community. Hillary Clinton is the fighter we need.

He’s right, of course. Hillary may not be as perfect — and nobody is — but she’s the only person running for president who has a shot at actually improving the lives of LGBTs.

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