Bring Me My Girls: Drag Race Divas Do Disney Villainesses

Latrice Royale as The Little Mermaid's Ursula the Sea Witch

Walt Disney was the RuPaul of his day—giving America ridiculously over-the-top vicious divas who would do whatever it takes to get on top, and look fabulous doing it. Hell, Cruella DeVil wanted a coat made out of puppies. Tell us that doesn’t sound like Phi Phi O’Hara?

The tartist behind the tumblr Dezignjk made the connection artistically by depicting some of our Drag Race favorites as infamous Disney villainesses. This has to be a challenge next year.

Click through for more images of Drag Race stars as Disney Villainesses

Source: Dezignjk via Oh No They Didn’t

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  • SebX

    This is funny! I’d love to see a challenge like this next year. Is it this year we’re getting the All-Star Drag race?

  • Kate Bushwhacked

    sharon as maleficent is perfect

  • Atlas

    I was hoping for someone as Yzma.

  • Pip

    um wot? these are artistic renderings, not drag……..

  • Max

    You know, Ursula’s design was originally based on a drag queen in the first place. Things have come full circle it seems.

    While these are pretty cool it must be said that there’s some unfortunate implications that they’re straddling.

  • newportxwhore

    Funny stuff

  • JT

    Because somehow they didn’t look draggy enough?

  • Drew

    @Atlas: Raja would make a fabulous Yzma!!!

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