British Gay Mountain Sochi Song is 100 Percent Whhhaaaaaaaa?

gay moutainA British reader writes in to report that U.K.’s Channel 4 has been running this “Gay Mountain” video every night, featuring an inexplicable Russian hunk serenading audience of mostly beary men.

It is a gayness overload, with a giant flashing rainbow, fabulous backup dancers, and a dance-poppy jingle that you will bop your head to until you are sick. “Gay mountain, gay mountain,” the song goes. “Good luck gays on gay mountain.” A shirtless Putin look-alike sways in the background. The opening of the song sounds kind of like Russia’s national anthem.

We are left with only one question: Huh?

The description of the video links to an episode of the documentary program Dispatches called “Hunted,” which is all about Russia’s persecution of gays. It is totally serious and not funny or campy at all!

One of our British friends guesses, “they may be thinking ‘Night on a Bare Mountain’ to ‘Gay Mountain’ via Brokeback Mountain? But I suppose that’s meeting them more than half way.”

Channel 4 is a public not-for-profit broadcaster, but they’re not like America’s PBS. Their mandate is to take risks and be different. So … mission accomplished.

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  • Stefano

    Is that supposed to be funny ?

  • hephaestion

    Wow, THAT was inexplicable!

  • smashley

    it’s British humour – just because you support something doesn’t mean you can’t have with it at the same time…

    Channel 4 has been an active LGBT supporter for a long time, way before it became cool to have LGBT characters/shows on air – check out their movies (such as Beautiful Thing) from the 90’s and for another taste of British humuor, the show Sticky Moments with Julian Clary!

  • Scribe38

    @smashley: awww…. Beautiful Thing! I love that movie.

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