British Home Office Talks Dirty to Gay Asylum Seekers

Henry-VIII-kingofengland_1491-1547Welcome to England, international visitors! The British Home Office hopes that you enjoy your stay, and is happy to extend asylum to those of you who face violence and persecution in your homeland. But first, Her Majesty just needs a few details about your penis.

An internal investigation has revealed that gay and lesbian asylum seekers are subjected to very insane, very sexy questions that of course are never put to heterosexual individuals. Among them:

  • One interviewee was asked why he would claim to have sex every day, when that is “not even normal in heterosexual relationships.”
  • Another was asked if he had less than 100 sexual partners, the implication being that average gay men have assignations numbering in the triple digits.
  • A third man was asked why he would be in a relationship with a man, when there’s so much to be offered by heterosexual coupling.

And a leaked internal memo reveals even more insulting questioning. These are all direct quotes:

  • Did you put your penis into x’s backside?
  • When x was penetrating you, did you have an erection?
  • Did x ejaculate inside you?
  • Why did you use a condom?
  • What is it about men’s backsides that attracts you?
  • What is it about the way men walk that turns you on?

It would be kind of hot if this interrogation was happening in a porn, with glistening sweat dripping off the interviewee’s face as the mean investigator barks questions at him and eventually demands that he prove just how gay he can be. But it’s not OK for this to be happening in reality, where real actual peoples’ lives are at stake.

Between 10 and 12 percent of interviews contain inappropriate questions, according to the investigation.

To their credit, officials have pledged to crack down on inappropriate questions, to respond quickly to complaints, and to improve training.

But we don’t think that goes far enough: British officials should be required to themselves answer any questions that asylum interviewees face. So how about it, Prime Minister David Cameron: what is it about men’s backsides that attracts you?

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  • fagburn

    Did you not notice that story’s dated February?

  • RiBrad

    These questions, while awkward, are legitimate. If an asylum seeker is claiming refugee status based on the fact that they are being persecuted in their birth country for being gay, then the authorities need to try and verify that the asylum seeker really is gay. It’s difficult to do and results in awkward questions like these. But if there was no checks at all then you can imagine every asylum seeker would suddenly claim to be gay and demand refugee status.

  • jjose712

    @RiBrad: No, they are not, because they are based on stereotypes, you can be gay an lacking a sex life (that doesn’t make you straight).
    What’s next, make them sing Lady Gaga’s discography?

    There are serious psychological questionaries that can give you a lot more answers than this racy and absurd questions. And of course the can give temporary asylum and if they detect people lied, they can expulse them from the country

  • musctop

    Gay Test: (Fill in the blanks)
    1. Barbra ______________
    2. Lady _______________
    3. You are forbidden to wear white after ___________
    4. ______ of steel
    5. “Bye ___________.”
    6. Britney __________
    7. “Clutch the _______”
    8. “No more ________ ___________ EVER!”
    9. Donna _________
    10. “If you like it then you shoulda put a _____ __ __.”

  • crowebobby

    When I appeared (several months late) before the draft board in NYC in 1960, I was asked the same type of question because I checked “yet” in the box for have you had any sexual experiences with men). The psychologist said: “Let’s see how much you know about it.” (I looked pretty butch since I’d been homeless for a few weeks.) One question was “Where do you usually meet your sexual contacts?” I answered around 72nd Street and Broadway — only later realizing they meant parks, cinemas, public toilets, etc. Another was do you know what “drag” is? (Believe it or not, this was not a household expression in the early 60’s.) I answered that I had worked in the drag show at the Club 82. (I didn’t specify that I was one of the “male” dancers and not working in drag.) That seemed to convince the doc, but to satisfy his own curiosity he added: “Aren’t you afraid you’ll pick up a cop?) To which I ingenuously answered: “Oh, I never go with anyone old enough to be a cop.” That actually got a small smile as he told me there were doughnuts and coffee on the way out if I wanted them. At the time, I was just a little bit regretful about missing out on what was a pretty universal rite of passage for my generation, but I’ve never regretted it since.

  • Clay83

    We here in the UK have a problem with the number of asylum seekers coming to this small island. We need to do everything possible to try and eliminate cases where a lie is being used to claim such asylum. Until we come up with a genuine way of confirming who is gay or straight these awkward questions are going to be posed to try and weed out the liars.

  • Cam


    What a shock, anything that will somehow deflect from the actual topic, which is institutionalized homophobia, f*gburn is there to try to push the topic into another direction. What a shock.

    As for the person who approved this question “A third man was asked why he would be in a relationship with a man, when there’s so much to be offered by heterosexual coupling.” They should be fired.

  • Cam


    And I love the combination of your screename with that list. :)

    What was number 9 by the way?

  • HomoTechSual

    @Clay83: Your ignorance is showing. The UK, according to some, has an issue with the number of Migrants. However Asylum applications account for around 10% of net migration figures across the UK. with 36% of those being granted. The UK has one of the EU’s lowest application rates for Asylum applications with roughly 0.47 asylum applications per 1000 people.

    I would probably agree if you’d said the UK has a migration problem, however to say that we have a problem with the number of asylum seekers demonstrates one of two things:

    1) You read far too much of the Daily Mail and are likely an ignorant UKIP supported.


    2) You don’t understand the difference between an economic migrant and an asylum seeker.

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