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Bruce Jenner Consults With Transgender Pal Renée Richards, Report Says

bruce-jenner-finding-himself-ftrEven if you’re like us and haven’t been keeping up with the Kardashians, you’ve undoubtedly noticed photos of the clan’s hubby/stepfather, Bruce Jenner which depict him looking decidedly different lately. There’s no doubt that spending even a few minutes with estranged reality series star wife Kris and her press-hungry children would take its toll on anyone, but 64-year-old Jenner’s evolving look, including the ombre hairstyle and the smooth neckline — he admitted to undergoing surgery to have his Adam’s Apple reduced — have caused many to wonder whether he’s planning to transition to female. Now RadarOnline reports the 1976 Olympic gold medalist has turned to another one-time athlete, Dr. Renée Richards for advice. Former pro tennis champ/eye surgeon Richards made headlines when she transitioned from Richard Raskind nearly 40 years ago.

Star magazine, not always unreliable, spoke with an unnamed source close to Richards who offered more inside details.

“Renee told him that it’s a serious, life-altering procedure and is not something to do unless you absolutely have no other choices,” Star quotes the source saying. “She said someone should consider antidepressants first, because life could become an irreversible trainwreck if you’re not completely certain about having the surgery.”

If this is true and Jenner is in the early stages of transitioning, we wish him much happiness.