Buffalo Denied This Lesbian a Marriage License. A Moment Later She Grabbed a Stranger and Married Him

Too bad for performance artist Brian Feldman: The heterosexual Florida man who tomorrow will marry a woman he doesn’t know, to prove something about America’s ridiculous hetero-centric marriage laws, was beat by a woman in upstate New York.

Gay activist Kitty Lambert stopped by Buffalo’s City Hall this week to secure a marriage license for she and partner Cheryl. But as the staffer explained, she could not apply for one, because two women cannot marry in the State of New York. So (in a planned stunt, of course) Kitty grabbed a male stranger, Ed, and moments later was on her way to getting married.

It cost $40, and they now have their marriage license. Because New York doesn’t discriminate against homosexuals who want to get married; just homosexuals who want to marry other homosexuals.

So, uh, congratulations?

Kitty, you’re The Awesome.

(Let’s all remember: A marriage license doesn’t make you married. You still need a justice of the peace to officiate a ceremony.)