house arrest

Buju Banton, Free (On Bail) At Last


While Buju Banton awaits a retrial in Miami after last month’s hung jury on drug charges, the singer will be able to go free on bail — to the tune of $250k. But he’ll also have to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet and pay for security officers that’ll keep him from fleeing the country. He’ll remain under house arrest, be subject to drug testing, and can only leave the house to meet with his attorney. So it sounds like his defense council is going to have a lot of strategy meetings at local crack houses.

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  • ewe

    Jamaica should be charged for his prosecution and incarceration when he is convicted and then this garbage heap should be expelled.

  • lisa

    @ewe: Shut the hell up… look how many drug peddlers are in america.. why dont yall shipp their asses to another country. He didnt transport nothing from jamaica asshole.. he tried to buy it from americans.. so go learn how to read and comprehend.. dumb fuck…

  • Ivette

    First of all, Jamaica (like other countries) wouldnt be in the poverty they are in if they had never signed for a loan with the World Bank, who made it impossible for the country to flourish. They were robbed of a chance to become the great country it should be. This left the youth no choice but to a life of crime in order to survive. I commend Buju Banton for his success despite the chains which have bound him by this Babylon system. He has brought inspiration and hope to not only his people but the citizens of the world. Big up Buju and my prayers are for your freedom and the opportunity for you to continue the destiny God/Jah has put forth for you. God Bless!!

  • Kev C

    @Ivette: Jamaica would be a better place if it had smart, civil people instead of drug-addled, homophobic dopes like Buju Banton. Eat a dick, Buju. Eat a whole bag of chocolate-covered dicks.

  • hephaestion

    Buju Banton’s music is evil. It should be banned from America. But Ivette is correct about saying that the World Bank has kept Jamaica down. Banton needs to sing against the World Bank and quit saying hideous lies about good gay people.

  • ewe

    @lisa: you shut it. He transported his bigoted ass over here and he is a hate group all by his fucking self you pathetic doormat.

  • Karen

    I love you Buju an mi no care wuh people say they can not stop you from succeeding in life mon. I wait an pray for the day you can leave America be free to travel and come check mi in Toronto Ontario Canada. “Bless” ye hear mi “hugs” darlin!

  • Karen

    @ewe: who a garbage heap star? :) come proper u a judge?

  • Karen

    @Kev C: you got a problem with the mans music hmmm in the Bible there is Adam and Eve mi neva see Adam and Steve up in there how you know bout choclate ones??? you must yam dem urself phahahaha! Buju only sing bout that he dont yam dem lmaoau!!!!! Sorry for u an ur red eye.

  • Karen

    @lisa: Big Up!! Lisa gurl you say the rite thing straight!

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