California Clerk’s Creative Complaint

Here’s a cool story faithful reader Alan brought to our attention: a Yolo County, California court clerk’s protesting the state’s ban on gay marriages by using Valentine’s Day to issue “Licenses of Inequality”. Straight mother of two Freddie Oakley told reporters she’s doing it to “ease her soul” over enforcing discriminatory policies. Thus, she designed the certificates which read:

I issue this Certificate of Inequality to you because your choice of marriage partner displeases some people whose displeasure is, apparently, more important than principles of equality.


Of course, not everyone’s down with her unique protest. Campaign for Children and Families president, Randy Thomasson railed:

The people pay government officials to implement the law and to faithfully execute the law … not to ridicule the law and perform stunts that advocate the overthrow of marriage.

Oh, blow it out your ass. You’re just jealous you’re not that clever. And, also, there’s no calling for an overthrow of marriage. Just some good old fashioned constitutional justice. Easily confusable, yes, but quite different.