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California GOP Board Accidentally Elects Homosexual Greg Gandrud. Crazy Lady Objects

Greg Gandrud, a gay political activist and one-time local city council member, was “quietly” elected to the California GOP board of directors during the group’s annual summit in Sacramento. And nobody showed up to protest! Not that Gandrud, believed to be the state GOP’s first gay board member (the state’s Democratic board, which has a whopping 300 members, claim 25+ gays), is getting off that easy.

The San Francisco Chronicle notes:

It’s a bit strange that the party didn’t announce it at the convention, especially when new party chair Tom Del Beccaro and other officials made such an effort to talk about how the party was going to reach out to new audiences. Gandrud told us he didn’t make it an issue in his campaign. Only one person who he asked for his endorsement “asked if I was going to make it an issue in my campaign. I told them, ‘I don’t plan on it. I hope nobody else does,’” Gandrud told us.

Sorry bub, not gonna happen. Enter Celeste Greig, president of the volunteer California Republican Assembly, which started in the 1930s and originally only admitted men. “I hope that he doesn’t bring his personal lifestyle within the party,” Greig who tells OneNewsNow in a misleading article headlined “Calif. GOP struggles over first ‘gay’ official.” “Of course everyone is welcome to be members, to be productive. If they try to bring up more of their issues and promote more of their lifestyle, I’m sure that’s not going to go well at all with members of the California Republican Assembly and with me.” So don’t go mouthing off about Prop 8 or anything Greg, because this lady doesn’t want to hear about your lifestyle.

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  • Kev C

    If Celeste didn’t blow the whistle, no one would ever have suspected Greg was gay. Stealth gay is stealthy.

  • Cam

    Well now the entire Ca. GOP is all going to hell for associating with “The Gays”.

  • TMikel


  • Riker

    Misleading headline is misleading.

    The people who elected him knew Gandrud was gay, they just didn’t care. The GOP, especially the state-run divisions and especially in the more liberal states, is becoming more and more tolerant. Of course, Queerty doesn’t want us to know that, so we will stay beholden to our Democratic masters.

  • John

    The Republican party is dead in California… Everyday, every election cycle, they become more socially conservative. You’d think they were nominating candidates for Alabama. Last year they couldn’t even knock off Boxer. Hell, they couldn’t even win *any* statewide elections in California…that’s how marginalized they are.

  • Daez

    @Riker: When you have the lead Repug spouting this drivel then you want to talk about how the Repug party is suddenly all exclusive and all you sound like you belong in an asylum. Tell it how it is, the Repug party is all about wealth and privilege, and anyone that doesn’t follow those ideals is seen as unworthy to belong.

  • MaxH


    “Of course, Queerty doesn’t want us to know that, so we will stay beholden to our Democratic masters.”

    Amen, brother. It’s all too common for sites with gay news to try and turn us off from the Republicans, even when the Republicans are being tolerant. ONE ‘crazy lady,’ and it’s all the Republicans together that hate him.

    Like you said, nevermind he was elected with his orientation known.


    The Republican party is INclusive, not EXclusive. The GOP is about personal freedom, thank you much. The only problem is the most vocal ones still have a hand up their butt from the Religious Right movements in the 80s.

  • Drake


    Your “inclusive” GOP is full of GOProudlings and all the other folks who killed gay marriage in California. You are delusional if you think that the republican party is inclusive, or that it supports gays at all.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Drake: Calm down junior. The Republican governor of California worked against prop 8 and refused to let the state defend it in court. I know the facts are inconvenient for ideologues like you, but you’ll seem a lot smarter if you bother to learn a little something before you type.

  • Gay Republican

    @Drake: I am GOProud to be a Republican! I think we should start hosting Gay Republican Pride rallies so that the leftarded bigots start getting used to accepting us.

  • Soupy

    But first you have to accept yourself as gay men.

  • Scobber

    Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud are consistently trying to bridge the gap between gays and the right, and how does Queerty reward them? Derision and childish name-calling. Which is why I (and many others like me) believe it’s easier to come out as gay to my Republican friends than it is to be exposed to my gay friends as a Republican.

  • MoMan

    Want to know why people are homophobic? Go to any gay pride parade and you’ll get your answer. It’s a circus of leather and drag queens, where men act like women and women like men. Is that really where your pride is? One would think such an event would reflect cultural achievements, like black history month does, but no, we have to put on a sideshow celebrating and exploiting every stereotype and freakism about us. Even liberal friends of mine are disgusted by it.

  • Martin81

    @MoMan: “Men act like women and women like men” — is that code for femme gay guys and butch lesbians? Is that a bad thing? Who cares if there are femme gays and butch lesbians? Gays, like straights, come in all types. Oh, but the Republicans are all about “inclusivity, not exclusivity” like MaxH above said. I guess that’s only if you conform to “straight-acting” stereotypes. This is why a lot of gay people have problems with gays that identify as Republican — they are so hypocritical and full of hate for the gay community in general. Stop treating gays and lesbians that don’t fit some pre-conceived notion of how men and women “should” act, be truly accepting of ALL types of gays and lesbians, and maybe then gay Republicans wouldn’t face such hostility.

  • Riker

    @Martin81: I’m an out gay Republican drag queen. How’s that for not accepting all gays and lesbians?

  • reason

    @justiceontherocks: Lol. Are you talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger? The man married to a Kennedy, and the one flying all over the country to please and praise Obama. Hardly consider that your average or anywhere near average republican, the only reason he made it in there is because a lot of democrats voted for him. Arnold was catering to the Hollywood elite that he hopes to start doing business with again, while avoiding awkward moments with the staff (gays). I don’t see any republicans touting Arnold’s healthcare support, economic stimulus support, clean energy support, or GBLT overtures. Do You? You must have flown in from GOProud becuase you come armed with personal insults every time, typical of a rank and file republican. I would be humored if it wasn’t so sad, you trying desperately to show you are one of them by lashing out at those that aren’t. Similar to a middle school thug. How does it feel to be insecure in your own tent?

  • reason

    @MoMan: I would agree with you partially, not about the men acting like women etc., but the flip-side is the hetero parade at Mardi gras is just as filthy. The only difference is the public has a tendency to generalize the raunchy behavior of some in the gay community over all of us, they certainly don’t condemn the entire straight community over Mardi gras.

  • Jeffree

    @Riker: I want to see the photos—not the drag ones, necessarily, but the Republican ones :-)

  • justiceontherocks

    @reason: 1) someone almost as dumb as you wrote that the GOP helped pass Prop 8. All I did was point out that the state’s most prominent republican actively opposed the initiative. You yellow dog democrats may not like it but it’s a fact. 2) I think the GOProud folks are pathetic. They claim they’re gay people trying to change their party, but they’re actually republicans trying to change gays.I’ve written that on here dozens of times.

    As for you, all I can say is that your thought process and writing leave much to be desired.

  • merkin

    I wish someone recorded a member of the California Republican Assembly when they decided to admit women. I BET you he said the exact same thing about “their issues and lifestyle.” Dumb cunt

  • TheRealAdam

    @reason: Don’t you dare talk to Justice like that! You watch you’re effing mouth! (or, better yet, shut it if you want to live up to your name).

  • reason

    @justiceontherocks: Oh master bully, I am shaking in my boots, you are so intimidating let me tell you. Your insults really put me in my place, and do so much to advance your arguments. Typical Republican.

  • justiceontherocks

    @reason: my BF just read your post oh his Crackberry and said: “he proved your point.” And it’s true. Only a really feeble-minded person could read anything I’ve posted on here and think I’m a republican.

  • The One Who Knows

    Log Cabin at least has its act together in CA politics…they’ve got about 2 dozen members on the full state central committee…high level staff are gay as well…some consultants too. Better than the idiots running their DC office.

    GOProud? Ha…two men and a laptop in Washington DC. They’re not doing jack.

  • whatever

    The CA Republican party is a fucking joke. Who cares?

  • BreakTime

    They didn’t “accidently” elect him. They knew he was gay.

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