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California GOP Board Accidentally Elects Homosexual Greg Gandrud. Crazy Lady Objects

Greg Gandrud, a gay political activist and one-time local city council member, was “quietly” elected to the California GOP board of directors during the group’s annual summit in Sacramento. And nobody showed up to protest! Not that Gandrud, believed to be the state GOP’s first gay board member (the state’s Democratic board, which has a whopping 300 members, claim 25+ gays), is getting off that easy.

The San Francisco Chronicle notes:

It’s a bit strange that the party didn’t announce it at the convention, especially when new party chair Tom Del Beccaro and other officials made such an effort to talk about how the party was going to reach out to new audiences. Gandrud told us he didn’t make it an issue in his campaign. Only one person who he asked for his endorsement “asked if I was going to make it an issue in my campaign. I told them, ‘I don’t plan on it. I hope nobody else does,'” Gandrud told us.

Sorry bub, not gonna happen. Enter Celeste Greig, president of the volunteer California Republican Assembly, which started in the 1930s and originally only admitted men. “I hope that he doesn’t bring his personal lifestyle within the party,” Greig who tells OneNewsNow in a misleading article headlined “Calif. GOP struggles over first ‘gay’ official.” “Of course everyone is welcome to be members, to be productive. If they try to bring up more of their issues and promote more of their lifestyle, I’m sure that’s not going to go well at all with members of the California Republican Assembly and with me.” So don’t go mouthing off about Prop 8 or anything Greg, because this lady doesn’t want to hear about your lifestyle.