Can Zimbabwe’s PM Undo The Country’s 116 Years Of Homophobia?

Thanks to turn of the century British colonialism, Zimbabwe still has way harsh anti-gay laws that can imprison people up to a decade just for being gay. The situation hasn’t been helped by the country’s President Robert Mugabe who once called lesbians and gay “inferior to dogs and pigs.” But Zimbabwe’s Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai may help change all that.

Tsvangirai (shown in the video above) initially said that he agreed with Mugabe’s pig dog comment. But Tsvangirai recently had a change of heart and said that he wants LGBT rights protected as a human right in the country’s new constitution.

This is a big deal because Tsvangirai happens to be drafting that new constitution—one that Zimbabwe citizens will vote on just before he challenges Mugabe in the country’s upcoming general election.

It remains to be seen whether Tsvangirai’s stance will aid or hurt his Presidential chances, but at the very least it’s encoruaging to see a high-ranking public official in Africa come out in support for gay rights. Let’s hope it becomes a trend.