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Catholic Church Cannot Deal With Children of Lesbian Parents, Just Fine With Sexually Abusive Priests

That cup Jon Stewart is holding is not, in fact, a spittoon for reacting to bullshit, but the Holy Grail, which is appropos, given we’re gonna get into some Vatican prostitution shiznit.

Naturally, Mr. Stewart is the work of the Devil.

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  • terrwill

    Memo to the Catholic Church: You kinda sorta have a growing problem on your hands. The kiddie diddling drama seems to be a world wide issue nowadays. Your boy nazi Pope Benedick has a few issues of hiding the kiddie diddlers, and his brother has a few issues now about hiding abuse. Maybe you might want to lay low for a few centuries about the Gays……………….

  • Nick

    EVIL pure and simple.

  • Rob

    How does the instution of catholasism still even stand. How can anyone have faith in an obviously flawed religion.

  • JonDorian

    For the first time in my life I’m gonna go ahead and defend O’Riley. Find the rest of that small clip on the lesbians pre-school daughter on YouTube under the title of “Catholic School Expels Two Kids For Having Lesbian Parents” <- if you enter that in the search it should be the first video that pops up.

    Normally I hate the man to pieces but the way he defended those children almost made me choke on my coffee… seriously, go now… be amazed.

  • EWE

    @JonDorian: Bill Oreichy has lately been depicted as a centrist. I find that dangerous. He is not someone to trust.

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