Channing Tatum Explains How He Once Burned The Skin Off His Manhood

hot-channing-tatum-3Channing Tatum seems like the kind of dedicated actor who’d sacrifice just about anything for his art. A few years ago the 35-year-old star nearly lost something most would consider a little too valuable: the skin on his penis. While on promotional duties for the upcoming Magic Mike XXL, Tatum chatted with Howard Stern today and, naturally, the conversation dipped down below the actor’s belt line. Tatum recalled a gruesome-sounding tale that occurred while filming the 2011 period epic The Eagle in a freezing cold river that nearly left him disfigured.  .

I started hyperventilating and screaming and jumping back into the river, because it was a hypothermic river and we had wet suits on, which was the worst part about it. So this poor guy, I gotta be honest…He had been, for 13 hours, running up a hill to boil to huge bottle of water, fill it half-full with like actual kettle water, run back down the hill and then like put the river water and then come over to me just to keep me warm all day.

Except one time the crew member forgot to temper the boiling water, which Tatum poured down the front of his pants.

Like when you burn your finger and it just keeps burning. It kept burning for like the next probably 20 to 30 minutes. I was having a complete panic attack.

Whoa! That’s way worse than a finger ouchie, Chan. Quick-thinkers on the set ushered our boy into an ambulance where a medic informed him, “I know this is no consolation now mate but it’s a good thing it hurts otherwise you’ve got nerve damage.”

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“I didn’t have skin on my penis,” Tatum told Stern. “It oddly didn’t scar. It’s a resilient place down there. It healed pretty quick.”

We’re just glad the actor is still in one hot piece.