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ChatRoulette For iPhone 4 Is Here, And It’s Going to Get You In Serious Trouble

Precisely five seconds (okay, three days) ago, in a post about another crop of gay iPhone cruising apps, I said the “real success story among all these apps will be won by whichever developer is the first to make use of the iPhone 4’s FaceTime/phone-to-phone video chat feature.” Well, it’s here.

iChatr [iTunes link], available only to those with fourth-gen iPhones, takes advantage of the device’s front-facing camera to bring ChatRoulette-style video messaging to the mobile world. Like the iPhone’s native FaceTime app, you need to be connected to a wifi network to use it, which means you’ll be video Grindring from home or your nearest Starbucks.

And while iChatr isn’t gay-specific by any means, you can expect the penis-to-vagina (or merely penis-to-G-rated-face) ratio to exceed every day life by at least a factor of 1,000. Also, it’s free.

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