Chaz Bono Says YES to Being the Face of Transgender America

“A lot of female-to-male transgender people end up doing a stint in the lesbian community because it just kind of makes sense,” says Chaz Bono, who is so right. “At 13, 14, I was real clear at that point that I was attracted to women. So I was like, ‘I’m attracted to women, I am a woman, I guess I’m a lesbian.’ … That’s the simple answer.”

It’s a pretty great interview with Bono, who says that he’s perfectly fine with being the public face for transgender Americans, particularly when it comes to fighting for trans-inclusive legislation. Except Bono — who notes that although she’s always been a queer activist, “I’m just a little bit more focused on the ‘T’ now, than the ‘L’ and the ‘G’ — was hung out to dry by ABC News’s written report:


Oooh, strike-thru, clever!