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Check out Prince Harry with his new “budgie smuggler” swim briefs

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, is currently in the Netherlands at the Invictus Games. The athletics event is for former service personnel injured in the line of duty. The Prince, a former soldier with the British Army, founded the event eight years ago.

Harry was accompanied to the event by his wife, Meghan. The two stopped off in the UK last Thursday to meet with the Queen, before continuing on to the Netherlands.

Harry has been meeting with many of those taking part in the games, including hanging out with representatives from Australia. They gifted him a pair of “budgie smugglers” – the nickname for Speedo-type, snug swimming briefs popular down under.

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The Aussie team posted images to Twitter of the Prince receiving the briefs, saying, “Now that the Duke of Sussex is living in California, Team Australia thought it appropriate to continue the tradition of gifting stunning new budgie smugglers to the Duke.”

The “tradition” comment refers to the fact this isn’t the first time Australia has gifted “budgie smugglers” to the Prince. Here he is below with a pair he received at the Invictus Games in Sydney in 2018.

Prince Harry and his 2018 swimwear gift from Team Australia
Prince Harry and his 2018 swimwear gift from Team Australia (YouTube)

Australian news channels reported on the Prince’s latest gift.

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Matt Model, the Team Australia member who gave Harry the swimming briefs in 2018 and 2022, says this year’s gift was a little on the larger side, to reflect Harry has had a couple of kids: “It’s four years on now. We thought we better get him an updated pair. We thought we’d allow him four years of, you know, being a dad and all that sort of stuff, and up the size.”

Sadly, there are no pictures yet of Harry modeling his new swimwear.