Rebuttal Already Firing Back at eHarmony’s Gay Site

Despite complying with a settlement reached with New Jersey’s attorney general to provide online dating services to same-sex couples (Compatible Partners), eHarmony still has problems. Legally, there’s still the class action lawsuit in California that argues eHarmony’s gays-only site is also illegal because it’s a “separate but equal” strategy. And then there’s the competition., owned by, has already been going after eHarmony for turning gays away, with a serious of vicious ads. With eHarmony discriminating against gays, not only did get to brand a competitor as a dirtbag, but steal a customer base eHarmony was leaving on the table.

And now that eHarmony has for gays? isn’t letting up the heat.

Here’s the first of what we expect to be a full on media assault, painting eHarmony and Dr. Warren as the hatemongers they always have.

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