Cheyenne Jackson Engaged To New BF Jason Landau

cheyenne jackson cultSix months after announcing his high-profile divorce from longtime partner Monte Lapka, 38-year-old Glee hunk and DIY pornographer Cheyenne Jackson is officially engaged to Jason Landau, the young actor he recently moved to West Hollywood for.

The pair were reportedly dating as early as last July when, according to a source close to the couple who spoke exclusively to Queerty, “they met in AA and were kicked out of the chapter for breaking the no-dating rules.”

This was around the same time Jackson shaved his head, got a few interesting tattoos and grew a mustache amid his “mutual” split from Lapka.

Speculation is that Jackson switched coasts and began dating Landau, an instructor with the self help, EST-offshoot group Landmark Forum, in order to “start fresh.”

The couple’s Instagram photos certainly show them to be a happy couple. Congrats, guys!