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Chick-fil-A goes viral for a shout-out to this beloved employee

A Chick-Fil-A restaurant
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A social media posting by a branch of Chick-fil-A in Louisiana, praising a team member, has gone viral.

Posted last Tuesday, the Thibodaux branch of the chicken restaurant praised team member Tavion, otherwise known as “Tutu”.

“Happy #TeamMemberTuesday!”, it said. “Say hello to Tavion! He has been with Chick-fil-A Thibodaux for over a year. His favorite position to work is on Drive-Thru bagger making sure your food is bagged fast and accurately! ❤️

“His favorite meal to get on break is a Grilled Sandwich with American cheese and ranch! He mentioned he enjoys coming to work and making new friends every day. During his free time he enjoys working out and sleeping. 🐮

“We are so appreciative of all your hard work and dedication, Tavion! We love you! ✨”

Why has it gone viral? Well, Chick-fil-A has long been criticized for its past donations to anti-LGBTQ Christian groups and politicians. This has resulted in the brand being boycotted, picketed and losing lucrative contracts. The chain still famously remains closed on Sundays.

It is unknown how Tavion identifies. Queerty has reached out to both Chick-fil-A’s head office and Tavion for further comment.

However, it seems that many online are judging Tavion on their appearance and Chick-fil-A for celebrating Tavion’s contribution and work ethic.

Some of the comments were not so nice, even going so far as suggesting that Chick-fil-A had gone “woke”.

“I thought this was a Christian company, what next opening on Sundays? 🧐” said one comment (many other negative comments seem to have been deleted).


However, hundreds of others descended upon the post to praise Tavion.

“Tavion is literally so stunning?!” said one.

“It’s people like y’all that have our younger generation feeling unsafe, suicidal etc… It’s absolutely NOTHINGGGGG wrong with this young man but having to be stuck in a world that everyday he has to fight for his self respect. He is simply beautiful❤️…” said another.

Many regulars also praised Tavion.

“Da Baby! I’m a regular & he is always sooo joyful! Like I feel good about spending my money there when I see him. He will come speak even if he didn’t take my order. KEEP SHINING FRIEN. Chick-fil-A Thibodaux I’m so happy you all are acknowledging him because it’s Well Deserved!”

One person to comment on Facebook appeared to be Tavion’s mom.

“We really appreciate the kind words❤️ my son is the best‼️gotta love him🥰” she said.

“My son getting this much attention, I LOVE IT❤️..even the haters😜😜” she also added.

Tavion's mom comments under the Chick-fil-A post

Chick-fil-A has now turned off comments.

Tavion, on their own social media, also posted about going viral.

Tavion sounds like an employee any organization would be proud to have. Go Tavion!