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  • Michael W.

    How can a man recover from beating up Rihanna? Lol.

    Maybe he’ll become a rapper. His R&B fan base of females is all but gone.

  • mb00

    oh I don’t know. There’s all those slutty little female fans that have already forgiven him and probably blame Rihanna for the ass beat down.
    I mean, if serial killers get legions of female fans, I’m sure this excrement of a human being can get him a handful of lust eyed fans.

  • Michael W.

    Dumb slutty groupies will ensure that he’s always able to get laid. There’s not enough of them to buy millions of his records.

    Latest reports say he bit Rihanna, LOL. He went Ted Bundy on her. No way he recovers from that shit. This is a guy whom parents were happy to see posted on their kids’ bedroom walls.

  • Bitch

    It’s funny to me that nobody has pointed out the fact that we really don’t know what happened in that car. Nobody has been talking about injuries Cheis may have sustained, nor have we heard Ri’s own version of the story. So far, all we have been hearing is the speculation of the media.

    I’m not saying Chris didn’t do it — I’m saying we just don’t know what went down to be this judgmental.

    I have a friend whose wife throws thing at him constantly and put a huge gash in his head when she swung a glass ashtray at him. She’s also into self harming.

    We are trying to get him away from her and dread the day we get a call from the jailhouse when she accuses him of attacking her.

    From here it looks like Chris did it, but sometimes things aren’t always what they seem.

  • dgz

    tru. innocent until proven guilty.

    BUT, i have to say that i’ve had occasion to work with lots of domestic violence survivors, and the number of false reports are miniscule. bystander reports in this case have alleged that Rihanna had “horrific” facial injuries (unlikely to be self-inflicted). Furthermore, (although this isn’t evidence) Chris grew up in an abusive household, and we all know this kind of violence tends to be cyclical.

    Honestly, though, i expect the charges to be dropped. Victims rarely see this through for any of a million reasons. Sad.

  • TANK

    This guy’s scum. DV perp–all the classic signs.

  • afrolito


    Shut up dumb bitch.

    If Chris beat Rihanna, there is ZERO excuse for what he did. The fucker is like 6ft tall, and Rihanna is a tiny thing. According to reports her injuries are substantial. I hope presses charges against him, and he goes down hard. If for no other reason than I don’t have to hear his craptastic music any more.

  • Kid A

    It was quite clear from the get-go that Chris had done something physical to a woman, but now that it may be Rihanna, everyone seems to be up in arms. It doesn’t matter who the victim is, he deserves to be punished if he indeed is guilty. And there are rumors about herpes and so on. That is no excuse.

  • Eminent Victorian

    Why is this story on Queerty?


    Being a gay male, I sympathise with Chris cuz he’s a cutie and tbh i just hate women…they’re snarky and bitchy and cheat! so kudos to chris for telling that cunt like it is!

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