Windows Media Finds "Healthy" Replacement

Chris Ciompi Out At “Genre”

More HX-related drama. Genre‘s EIC Chris Ciompi got sacked today and will be replaced by former Men’s Fitness editor Neal Boulton.

So, what’s the HX connection? Window Media owns both fag rags and, from what we hear, plans on moving the monthly into the weekly’s 17th street digs. From a reader – who, no, doesn’t work at either Genre or HX, for whom our handsome editor once toiled:

Genre is declaring bankruptcy so they don’t have to pay the back rent they owe for their offices and are moving into HX – perhaps the reason four HX staffers were fired.

Now we know what “restructuring” means.

The same source also had some less-than-kind words for Window honcho David Unger:

David Unger is next to impossible to work with. He squanders every bit of good will that has ever been put forth to Genre with his abrasive and condescending attitude. A very rich man who isn’t very smart or likable.

We’d comment on that, but we’re afraid Unger will roll over us in his Rolls Royce.