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Chris Colfer Gets a Book Deal, Which Sort of Officially Makes Him a Job Hoarder Now

Suck it, James Franco and Ryan Seacrest. Chris Colfer is about to beat you at your own game and win the big contest of Who Can Have The Most Employments At Once.  He just signed a book deal with Little Brown Books for Young Readers, but more on that in a second. Let’s recap:

As many of you gays know, this Emmy-nominated, Golden Globe-winning kid is on a television program about singing teens called Glee. He also, it’s assumed, gets a cut of all the sales and downloads of the approximately one thousand installments of Now That’s What I Call Songs From ‘Glee.’He’s on tour with the cast right now and those shows are furiously being edited and pitch-corrected into a 3D concert film for release in August.

In the meantime he’s been writing a pilot for The Disney Channel, an adaptation of a children’s book titled The Little Leftover Witch (plot: little girl witch falls from sky when her broom breaks, nice family adopts her, she does witch-things all over the place like a tween Samantha Stevens). Colfer’s also starring in an indie high school comedy from Saved! director Brian Dannelly called Struck by Lightning. And, oh yeah, he wrote that one, too.

So now there’s a two-book deal in place for him to pen The Land of Stories, an original concept he’s been kicking around since he was about ten years old—one about a young brother and sister team whose modern world collides with the land of fairy tales. Then they run off and have fantastical adventures and whatever. We assume he’ll fit it all in during stolen moments between his other pursuits: Winter Olympics curling team training, that cookbook with Lucinda Scala Quinn, the shoe line with Kohls and cobbling lessons from Daniel Day Lewis. Feel free to add your own revenue stream ideas for Mr. C below.

Stay awake, Chris Colfer! Get yours!