Chris Evans Remembers The Time He Put A Banana Up His Ass: “It Wasn’t High Brow Art”

chris-evans-shirtlessAfter years of teasing his future career as Hollywood’s hottest director, Chris Evans is finally talking about his debut film “Before We Go” and where he wants it to take his career.

But first, The Wrap‘s film reporter Jeff Sneider would like to cover more pressing issues, like the time Chris wore a Cool Whip bikini and shoved a banana up his ass in Not Another Teen Movie.

Because that, according to Sneider, was the tightly-clenched fruit that launched this man’s career. Sneider’s first question is, “How did it feel after you ‘made it’ in your film debut?”

“I don’t know if I made it,” Chris answers. “The movie had me stick a banana in my ass. It wasn’t exactly some high brow art.” We bet James Franco begs to differ.

Here’s the clip:

On the topic of his upcoming directorial debut, Chris adds:

“I’ve always wanted to do it, it was just a matter of finding the right time. When it comes to acting, there’s always another job. Whenever you think, after this I’m gonna take some time and make this happen, then all of a sudden another opportunity arises and you just kind of follow it.”

Swoon. Check out the rest of his interview here:

For an added bonus, check out this mouth-watering supercut of every Chris Evans shirtless scene ever.