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Chris Zylka Got His Pants Pulled Off; Paula Deen Tried And Failed To Out-Vogue Madonna

Bless her racist misunderstood Southern heart. Cooking guru Paula Deen gave it her all but was sent home from Dancing With the Stars last night after her interpretation of Madonna‘s VMA performance of “Vogue” (perhaps the VMA’s all-time greatest performance) failed to impress the judges and the home viewers.

Who says blonds have more fun? The character played by Chris Zylka on HBO’s end-of-days drama The Leftovers was put through the ringer this week and got carted off wearing just a T-shirt. Crazy has never looked so hot. OMGBlog has the NSFW gif here.


The video interview shot in the NFL locker room that caught some of the players stripping down for the showers excited a lot of people but not the wife of Cincinnati Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron, who said she’s unhappy her hubby’s penis is all over the internet. You know, we’re pretty good at spotting peen (see above) but we can’t find AJ’s in the video, can you?


John Boyega might not be a household name yet, but that’s likely to change when Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in December. Watch the handsome actor, reportedly the lead in the movie, react to watching the trailer for the first time.

We’ve told you about the amazing Hollywood Museum before, but the Los Angeles cultural landmark is now hosting special events like last night’s live reading of Georgia, a new trans-themed screenplay by Joseph Perales that featured an incredibly eclectic cast of acting talent such as soap opera stud Kevin Spirtas and Glenn Scarpelli (remember him from the classic sitcom One Day at a Time?). Watch Spirtas discuss the reading below.