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Christina Aguilera’s Girl-on-Girl Lyrics Too Hot For Canadian Gym

If there’s a reason to censor a Christina Aguilera song, it’s because THE SONG IS BAD, not because it contains some reference to the derailing pop star kissing up on other chicks. But that was enough for Canada’s 280-location GoodLife Fitness gym to edit the lyrics of “Not Myself Tonight.” The line that appears in the song goes, “I’m kissing all the boys and the girls”; in GoodLife’s new body-pump class, “and the girls” is missing. It’s enough to have gym-goer Beth Spratt, who noticed the censorship, threaten to rescind her membership — but not before failed attempts to get the fitness company to explain itself. Spratt’s girlfriend Susana Romero, meanwhile, says she noticed Katy Pery’s “Hot And Cold” had the word “PMS” removed from the gym’s version.

At last GoodLife responded with an official statement, saying all the gym’s music is “created, produced and licensed in New Zealand though Les Mills International. Les Mills provides music to 1,300 clubs in 75 countries, which means what may (or may not) be offensive in one country may not (or may) be offensive somewhere else. The program directors for all Les Mills disciplines work hard to ensure that they are inclusive to everyone while attempting to keep in mind the individual requests from around the world.” Based on that, a GoodLife manager says he’s instructing all gym locations to pull the edited Aguilera song, which is gonna be painful, because “that song is used for the squat track, so it’s a pretty integral song. So it’s not one we can just remove, but we can replace it with another. I do wonder sometimes [with Les Mills]. If you can’t use a song as is, why not just choose another song?”

Thank goodness they didn’t play the music video for the class, because damn, that’s a lot of girl-on-girl right there.