Christopher Street Gets Its Own Series

Christopher Street

If Rent was the 80’s answer to telling gay life in New York’s Lower East Side, then Christopher Street might be the answer to telling 2000’s gay life in the West Village. Christopher Street, named after Manhattan’s famed homo boulevard, is a new straight-to-DVD series that tells the interconnected stories of four gay young adults living in the heart of New York’s (original) gay district. That is, a gay version of Friends without the obnoxious Ross character. From the press release:

The series follows the truth that hides within the Village. From the perspective of four young gay adults. Each dealing with their own individual trouble. Whether its being in the closet, dealing with relationships, abuse, identity, self-love, HIV/AIDS, and the harassment that lies with in a homophobic society. Christopher Street never fails to examine the reality of what goes on with today’s younger gay generation.

We’re told the DVD installments will hit this summer — and it couldn’t come sooner, with our The L Word fix wearing off. It couldn’t be as bad as Noah’s Ark, could it?