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Clay Aiken Is Not Going to Bash the President During His HRC Speech

Well, at least not the former. Headlining the Human Rights Campaign’s Carolinas fundraising gala, Clay Aiken originally had a line in there slamming George W. Bush in his remarks. But it’s been pulled. Out of bad taste, or because there’s a new White House resident to focus on?

“I don’t feel like this is the place to be horribly politically charged and bash people and talk about the wrongs that have been done,” Aiken tells a reporter, a statement that comes after HRC lent the pop singer a speechwriter. “My goal is to be hopeful, that it’s time for everyone to have equal rights. … I’m not going to be the person who says it has to be marriage or nothing else.”

Aiken, who will be attending Saturday’s event with his bodyguards, likely will not be going after President Obama then.

But that would be par for the course at HRC events, where the president is applauded by moneyed attendees, not criticized, because that would be déclassé. And wholly unusual at these sort of things.

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