CNN Covers The Ultimate “Sissy Boy” Cure: Suicide

Joseph Nicolosi PhD runs an ex-gay therapy based on the “proven experiments” of Dr. Rekers. Nicolosi doesn’t recall treating Ryan Kendall, a young man whose parents put him in Nicolosi’s ex-gay therapy for a decade. But Kendall claims that Nicolosi regularly told him to “man up” and not to cry. “No,” says Nicolosi. “That’s not our language.” Nicolosi says that in ex-gay therapy, the therapist wants to look like a good father figure and a man who accepts you for yourself.

Yes, a man show accepts you for yourself… as long as your self is straight.

Kendall also said that Nicolosi told him that only one percent of the world is homosexual. Nicolosi raises his eyebrows in disagreement and says, “No. It’s two percent.”

Nicolosi thinks it’s horrible to say that ex-gay therapy seeks “to get the gay out of people.” He would rather you say it tries “to bring out the heterosexuality in you.” Ah! See what he did there?

Years later, Kendall had to change his name and legally separate from his family rather than endure the psychological abuse any longer. He says the therapy drove him to do drugs, consider suicide, and even go homeless for a while.

Anti-gay groups like the Minnesota Family Council continue to tout ex-gay therapies for “unwanted homosexuality” and programs like Utah’s Evergreen program to help cure “same-sex attraction.” However, the American Psychological Association—the largest psychological organization in the United States—and many other professional psychological and medical organizations have said these programs actually do more harm than good and perpetuate violence against gays.

And yet Amazon still carries Nicolosi and other ex-gay books.