Cheers, Piers

CNN Gives Piers Morgan The Boot: A Look Back At The Host’s Most Memorable LGBT Moments

So long, Piers.

CNN has announced its pulling the plug on Piers Morgan Live due to consistently low ratings, which means the hunt is on to once again fill the suspenders shoes of Larry the Lizard King.

The former America’s Got Talent judge certainly pissed off his fair share of people during his three years behind the desk, from 2nd amendment enthusiasts to the trans community. The former even petitioned for him to be deported back to the UK.

Here’s a look back at some of the most memorable moments of PML: the silly, the serious and the all-together bizarre.

Trans activist Janet Mock not amused

After this interview aired, Mock accused Morgan of “sensationalizing” her life, accusing Morgan of having “bad judgement” and “reductive thinking about gender.” He was shocked by the reaction, and invited her back on to settle the score.

Christine O’Donnell storms off

Seemingly shocked that Morgan would have the bollocks to bring up something private and personal, like, oh, her public record, O’Donnell huffs out of the interview to avoid speaking about her backwards beliefs on homosexuality.

Jane Lynch speaks from the heart

Reacting to President Obama’s vocal support for gay marriage, the ever lovely Jane Lynch delivers a heartfelt reaction. Could we love her any more?

Alex Jones pulls out the big guns

This one speaks for itself at around the 1:13 mark: “1776 will commence again if you try to take our fire arms!” Jones is unsurprisingly a big force behind the “deport Piers” cry. This guy is a bag of mixed nuts.

Piers grills Ryan Lochte on his…grill

Bonus points to Morgan for this unintentional back-and-forth of innuendo with the hunky (albeit not the most well spoken) American swimmer. Piers: “What does it say about you when you put this in your mouth?” Lochte: “You know, it’s, uh, I guess part of my personality.” Maybe you should keep it in your mouth and do a little less talking, Ryan.

Kirk Cameron behaves like Kirk Cameron

Love him or hate him, you’ve got to hand it to Morgan for having the patience to even attempt a rational debate with growing pain-in-the-ass Kirk Cameron.

 Jimmy Fallon does an awesome Jim Morrison

To end on a light note, here is Jimmy Fallon singing the Reading Rainbow theme song in the style of The Doors. Perfect.

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