CNN Obsessed With Sodomy Around the Globe

On America’s least watched cable news network, the rights of homosexuals in Cuba, South Africa, India, Germany, and other countries you sometimes think about when a New York Times headline prompts you to were discussed. I find it hard to pay attention to these types of news reports when they aren’t declaring the next gay hotspot, or at least a great nude beach. What happened to phoned in travel reports?

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  • Michael

    When I choose “fail” am I failing the topic being discussed or the writing of the post? I think comparative analysis of gay rights on a global level is a good thing and if CNN can continue stories like this they can return to their previous level of media stature. If the bitchy writing was supposed to be ironic…it failed.

  • Snownova

    Really CNN? Gay rights across the world, you take a look at the UK and Germany with their faux marriages, calling both very progressive, yet you fail to spend even a second on the country where gay marriage began? where we have REAL marriages 100% equal to straight marriages?

    Yet another fail for CNN.

  • Kev C

    Can you get AIDS from watching CNN? Jus wonderin.

  • L.

    @Michael: And maybe, just maybe, if the author is just looking for gay hotspots or nude beaches, CNN isn’t the brightest choice.

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