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Colby Keller tries to explain, again, why he voted for Donald Trump

Last year, Colby Keller earned himself some free publicity by saying he’d vote for Donald Trump to “escalate the problem.” (Negative attention is still attention.)

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It’s a sentiment he builds upon during a conspicuously fawning profile published this week in MEL Magazinewhich fondly describes Keller as having “a bicoastal accent that puts me in mind of a surfer who reads n+1.” 

During the interview, Keller touches upon Donald Trump’s projected wall, his dislike of Hillary Clinton, the difficulties of being a communist, and the Democratic party.

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Here’s some of the things that came out of his mouth during the course of the interview:

On Donald Trump’s wall:

“I’m a little surprised he’s as aggressive on ‘the wall’ as he said he would be, but I’m not surprised people like Trump and corporate America are going to the lengths they are in a system that’s no longer defensible. They’ll stop at nothing….”

On Hillary Clinton:

“Hillary Clinton would have been four more years of Barack Obama, continuing all of the horrible neoliberal policies of the Bush administration and of her husband?—?policies that have bankrupted the American people and people around the world.”

On the imminent American revolution:

“Things will get a lot worse and that will get us to a point where we need to be.”

On being a communist: 

“Being a communist in 2017 means delivering better lives for people by collaborating. Competition and letting people who’ve controlled the earth for many years, who are evil and nasty, is not the way to get things done.”

On Democrats: 

“The Democratic Party’s diabolical politics don’t serve the interests of the American people and that’s why [Trump voters] acted out… It’s going to take someone like Donald Trump to get people to overthrow the system.”