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Donald Is Killing The Trump Brand. Is Colby Keller Hurting His By Supporting Trump?


Colby Keller is arguably the sexiest Trump supporter ever. The “Marina Abramovic” of adult videos (whatever that means) has publicly said that he is voting for Trump next month. His reasoning may be atypical, but it’s not any less confounding. He told Office magazine that electing Trump would “escalate the problem” with our current form of government, or at the very least turn the White House into a reality show.

“And then he could do something nice, like give the money to the National Park Service because they’re trying to defund it,” Colby told the magazine.

With this information, I went out to investigate whether this stance was hurting his brand. (Lord knowns Trump is in the process of ruining his.) Could gay men find Colby attractive after this?

“Absolutely not,” Ryan Houlihan told me. “I won’t pay to watch his videos anymore. It’s like finding out what goes into the sausage.”

This particular sausage has lots of big political ideas stuffed inside. Colby hoping for a Donald presidency stems from an affinity towards Marxist ideology. He doesn’t actually support any of Trump’s policies. He simply thinks that Trump winning the election will prove that our capitalist democracy has failed us. And we will have no other choice but to hit reset and try another form of government ­– preferably communism. Basically, Colby believes that Trump will make America have to start all over again.

But Colby’s preferred form of government doesn’t seem to have much room for his prominent pursuits, which include pornography, crowd-funding, and leveraging the open Internet to achieve relative stardom. Whereas the character of Colby Keller could only be the spawn of capitalism, Karl Marx considered sex workers to be “victims of capitalism,” and pornographers fell in a similar category.

“It’s ironic that Colby can trade on his good looks in a capitalism system like porn, and still believe that he will be saved when the storm comes,” Ryan added. “It’s beyond privileged, it’s selfish.”

Colby Keller did not respond to multiple requests for an interview.

Marx, Engels, Lenin & Trotsky

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Ryan, a 27-year-old writer and comedian living in Harlem, echoed the sentiments of several of my friends who are heartbroken to learn of Colby’s ideology – not only because of the implications of a Trump presidency but because of what it revealed about Colby himself.

“That Colby believes there’s a place for him in Trump’s America does not point to being particularly intelligent,” said Tim, a 25-year-old writer in Los Angeles who asked to remain anonymous.

Even though Colby has positioned himself as an intellectual in the gay porn world, his support for the Donald has started to reveal a certain short-sightedness, although probably not lack of intelligence. Like Trump, he seems to have poor judgement. Some of his former fans now think Colby’s smart-man routine may have all been a façade, or a character akin to the pizza delivery boy.

Colby’s blog posts, Tweets and interviews with independent podcasters are littered with the type of quasi-intellectual musings, which, according to his former fans, fuel his brain-y persona.

“He sounds like a spoiled college student,” Tim added.

Tim was so distraught by Colby’s support for Trump that he even considered voting with his dollar. He almost cancelled his monthly subscription to CockyBoys, one of the studios that employs Colby. However, the studio is not concerned about Colby’s support for the Donald affecting its business.

“I have no problem with our performers expressing their political views,” CockyBoys CEO Jake Jaxson told Queerty via email. “If I know Colby, this is exactly why he even vocalized this opinion – to ignite debate in the most unlikely of places.”

Jake, who has tweeted anti-Trump messages from the company’s Twitter account, added that he respectfully disagrees with Colby on this particular issue. And because neither CockyBoys nor any other porn studio is actually endorsing Colby’s views, a potential boycott seems unlikely.

“It’s not like [CockyBoys] is profiting from Colby’s opinion,” Tim said. “Maybe if five of their models ended up voting for Trump it’d be a different story.”

Tim ended up keeping his CockyBoys membership because he’d already paid upfront for a yearly subscription. It should be noted, however, that Colby is not a CockyBoys exclusive, so the damage from detractors, like Ryan, who’ve stopped purchasing individual Colby videos may be spread among different companies.

Or perhaps, Colby’s views won’t affect his line of work at all. Perhaps, we can compartmentalize between Colby Keller, the scruffy top, and Colby Keller, the eye-roll inducing white dude on your Twitter timeline. Although this is a particularly divisive election year, there are some people who believe that differing opinions are not necessarily a deal-breaker. Not when it comes to being a relationship with someone, let alone when it comes to being able to jerk-off to them.

“You can have different political opinions and still have a healthy relationship,” Kyle Kittleson told me. “My partner of five years and I have lots of differing opinions when it comes to politics, and we’ve had great conversations surrounding those differences.”

Kyle is a former Trump supporter who has since changed his mind. Kyle publicly supported Trump over a year ago, and even though he received backlash from gay media, it did not create any tension in his relationship with a non-Trump supporter.

“If anything, when two people have different opinions and can still discuss those opinions like adults, differing views can be a positive,” Kyle said.

But some think that type of balanced, inclusive dialogue cannot exist in this election year.

“You cannot respectfully disagree with someone who supports a candidate that’s fundamentally disrespectful,” Tim said. “If I had a boyfriend who was voting for Trump, I would break up with him immediately.”

Maybe our love for Colby Keller was ill-fated from the start. The social media platforms that propelled Colby to stardom and helped him share his personal viewpoints made him seem more “real” and attainable in a way. But they also revealed a tainted truth: The more we know, the more our perfect obsession turns out to be another guilty pleasure.

“Beauty is perception, and he burst that perception,” Ryan said.

Fortunately, Colby Keller never got to meet his own idol, Karl Marx. The founder of socialism may not have approved of capitalism, but he did not have very kind things to say about egoism either.

Oscar Raymundo is the creator of Confessions of a Boy Toy.