Colombia Model Claims Eating Too Much Chicken Turns Men Gay

Natalia ParisColombian beauty Natalia Paris disproved the stereotype that models are all smart by announcing that men who ate a lot of chicken as boys turn out to be gay.

Paris was speaking about the dangers of chicken injected with hormones on Caracol TV when she made the claim: “The boys that are eating [that kind of] chicken—because they are injected with female hormones—are starting to turn into homosexuals.”

Um, Natalia, that’s not what we mean when we talk about “chicken.”

Paris also said the genetically modified poultry was causing girls as young as 7 to go through puberty.

Andrés Fernando Moncada, the head of the National Federation for Colombian Poultry Farmers, called her statement an urban myth. “When you hear this kind of a statement from a public figure like Natalia Paris, we must express our total outrage.”