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Colorado Grandmother Tells Lawmakers Why Nature Made The Anus For Pooping Only

Don’t let Rosina Kovar’s superlatives fool you: the 76-year-old grandmother from Denver is anything but a gentle soul. Testifying before the Colorado Senate on the state’s civil unions bill, she declared, “The anus is an exit. It is not an entrance!” And if gays can get second-class marriages, they’re not going to teach that truth in school anymore. In the butt, you see, “there is no lubrication! Unlike the vagina nature put a tight sphincter at the entrance to the anus — it’s there for a reason. Keep out! … The anal lining is only one cell thick … so tissue micro-tears are common, and access to the blood stream is easy.” Also, all gays are to blame for all those unwed mothers out there!

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  • Simon

    What en evil grandma! What about LESBIANS ?! It their anus also sacred ? ;) Probably 76 years is more than she deserves from life.

  • kernelt

    FYI gay is not the only one doing anal sex. Plus it’s no one business poking into what other do in bed.

  • Jeffree

    Poor Grandma must’ve caught someone like Grandpa getting buggered so she’s on a mission from Gawd to stop this sphincterous activity!

    She probably isn’t aware that str8 people do anal stuff too and that it’s not the most common sex act among us gays, ‘cept in the porns.

    I’m sure her Pastor is proud of her !

  • Tartuffe

    “The anus is an exit, it is not an entrance. This is not the bible, this is science.”

    But, like.. the baby comes OUT of the vagina, but the penis goes IN? I’m…like… so like, confused. Or whatever.

  • Cam

    Fine, well she wasn’t born with a protective layer of fur, so be her logic, she souldn’t be wearing clothing either.

  • Enron

    Sounds like she never got any throughout her 76 years.

  • prohomo

    Hey lady, the vagina is also an exit for urine and blood, yet it’s also used for sex. Hello?

  • Xtian99

    darwinism should remove her and her stunted-intellect offspring from the gene pool

    FYI u old toad- get ur hubby’s crummby wrinkly knob out of your mouth no matter how much he tels you jesus wants you to do it-

  • divkid

    grandmother is an expert on anal!

    hardly surprising,
    as from the looks of her, that’s the route from which she entered this world.

  • Bob

    Your time on this earth is short grandma…go back to the home and shut the f**k up! Keep you opinions out of our asses!

  • David Ehrenstein

    Send Grandma a dildo for her birthday.

  • Dawson

    Why are these so called straight people interested in what sexual position we choose? Seriously does anyone care what type of sexual position your co-worker or neighbor engage in? Straight people are so wierd about this?

    I am sure that if this repressive old bitty had an enjoyable and fulfilling sex life growing up she wouldn’t even care. Sex is not just anal. It should be enjoyed. And we all know how much the Church and Republican like ANYONE having a good time. It is all about control.

    Wouldn’t it be fun if we could just ask her one question———–Grandma, have you ever swallowed?

  • Kev C

    She blinded them with anal science. Where did this “one cell thick” myth begin?

  • Pip

    damn im surprised she didnt drop her pants and shoving her own anus in their faces. kinda crazy. you know theyre all sitting there thinking ‘wtf????????///’

  • onehundredeight

    What a stupid old bat. What, did that awful perm cause permanent brain damage? Unlike that ancient prude’s thought process, most people can deduce if gay people can’t get married, then they’ll still have sex anyways. And even once we can, only certain types of people would actually even wait. It’s the twenty-first century, damn it! And this dumb cow must actually think her rights extended to telling people what they can and can’t do in the bedroom. Well, you archaic broad, your vagina was made for entry, but since you hatched your spawn, I doubt anything’s been up in it’s business; when was that? Pre-dinosaur era? And the mouth was made for entry, so does that mean she’s pro-oral sex? Post about her again when you hear that she has been euthanized or thrown in an institution…

  • Elle

    @prohomo: wait..really? last time i checked i had a separate hole for urination. is there something wrong with me?

  • Dollie

    Wow, I guess I didn’t read my Denver news correctly yesterday! I thought a hearing on CIVIL UNIONS was going down… not sex-ed reform. But hey, I’ll take both (so long nothing she said makes the curriculum)!

    And p.s. granny, get the fuck out of our city and migrate to the Springs. They like your type down there. Denver, meanwhile, has a new reputation that we’re proud to uphold!

  • divkid

    @Elle: lol !

    haha. but don’t press the point elle.
    really, some of the kinsey sixers, are liable to faint away. let them stay in blissful ignorance.

    however the point still holds true (i.e. ALL down the same chute) if you happen to be addressing a bird, amphibian, or reptile. and if you happen so to be doing, then it’s called a cloaca.
    repeat after me children : A CLOACA!

    it was a pub quiz question, NOT an unhealthy interest. really. honestly! *coughs*

  • Steve

    If you make a lists, there’s also several more things that come out of a vagina instead of going in: urine, blood, babies, etc.

  • Shannon

    I said it once I will say it again…I have lived in some states/cities that were religious and zealots about it…the WOMEN were going around blasting gay sex between men while their husbands were trolling the net…parks…gloryholes….bathrooms BEGGING for “anal sex”…they so damn delusional women are…..LOL

  • divkid

    @Steve: steve, strictly speaking the vagina is ONLY the tube whence the blood, and babies hail; but NOT the piss. all the rest (externally) is the vulva including the beef curtains (not the latin term) and the urethra or piss-hole, and clitoris.

    oh boy, is this like teaching your grandma to suck anus!

  • B

    No. 12 · Kev C wrote, “She blinded them with anal science. Where did this “one cell thick” myth begin?”

    It probably refers to the width of the mucus membrane, which
    doesn’t provide adequate lubrication. Not sure if it is literally one-cell thick, though.

    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/7d/Rectum.JPG shows a cross section of the rectal wall.

    Before being too hard on “grandma”, one should note that she was apparently trotted out there to read from a script. If she wrote the script herself, there was most likely a lot of cutting and pasting. I got the impression that she was reading a collection of “talking points”. She may not be so much evil as simply a “useful idiot”.

  • GetBalance

    Why does she look like she’s wearing 4 layers of Depends???

  • kitty littler

    She looks like she is conjuring a spell. “Make the gays go away—-Zap”.

    And who dressed her, GEEEEEEEE. So 80’s. And that hair. Pleasssse does she really think we buy her as a blonde?

    And who wears purple anymore!

    Butt isn’t it nice that she cares about lubrication. Looks like granny put a lot of thought into her speech. Now where is the nice little Jack Kovorian when we need him. And how many of you bet that she isn’t wearing panties. O.K. I’m done.

  • Anaxamenes

    Why are they so concerned about other people’s sex? She’s put way too much thought into a small part of being gay.

  • McMike

    Yeah, of course the anus doesn’t have natural lubrication. What do you think God made spit for???

    The best thing about Grannie is she’ll be kicking the bucket rather soon but, IMO, no soon enough.

  • Oprah

    Oh my Lord. Guys, lets remember she is someones grandmother,She is 76 years old for pits sake. Lets accord her with some respect, even some condescending if necessary. Lets give her an A for thinking through arguement. I mean–it took some effort and balls, to think through lubricant,sphincter, anus one lining, one cell thick, tissue micro: All these bullet points makes one wonder–did she go all the way? Insert an object in her wrinkled anus?

  • Beenie

    This is great! Any homophobic Senators there are in a quandary: “How do I continue to legislate against dem queers without looking like I’m siding with this nut case . . .”

  • divkid

    that old lady is like… *drum roll*…. a modern day… MARY POOPINS!!!…

    did you see that… right there … what i just did !?
    do you love me for it?
    do you. do you. do you?

    …that’ll be a no then.

    sod you.
    christ your a tough house!

  • perdiz

    Ok so because things come out of the anus she is saying things shouldnt go in it. Well as others have pointed out, blood and babies come out of vaginas… so apparently heterosexual sex is also messed up

  • divkid

    edit i meant of course to say “eh!!… eh!!”
    but whateverz, as that old bitch could no doubt tell ya’ll: you can’t polish a turd!

  • divkid

    only just now watched the video and it occurred to me that if someone uploaded on to “certain” websites, such a potty mouthed senior (almost literally so ) would, shall we say, “peak the interest” of a specialist connoisseur.

    add a 70s dirty funk guitar riff in the background. and voila.

    after all she’s got news on the anus — and she’s gonna spread it. ahem.
    lets help her.

    by our efforts we could facilitate her to spread her anal tutaluge to those dark crevices of society best placed to *receive* it.

    she has an anal solution and there are a multitude waiting to be filled in.

  • divkid

    only just now watched the video and it occurred to me that if someone uploaded on to “certain” websites, such a potty mouthed senior (almost literally so ) would, shall we say, “peak the interest” of a specialist connoisseur.

    add a 70s funk guitar riff in the background. and voila.

    after all she’s got news on the anus — and she’s gonna spread it. ahem.
    lets help her.

    by our efforts we could facilitate her to spread her anal tutaluge to those dark crevices of society best placed to *receive* it.

    she has an anal solution and there are a multitude waiting to be filled in.

  • divkid

    queerty, goddamn it bitch, i finally come up with something thats mildly funny and that i’m happy with and you wont let me post it!

    i’ve already gone on about your throw-a-six-to-start crazy-ass mod rules previously but aaaah!

    that there is partly the reason i didn’t vote for your blog.

    that, and how god awful slow it is. seriously you need to replace the tired ass hamster in that wheel thats powering your site.

    i note that your other site you shunt us off to has no such “node availability” problems ( btw wtf is a node?!)

    all this equates to contempt for us. were committed to this site and loyal but you’re not keeping up your end of the bargain. fix it up or i’ll stop loving you.

  • Shannon1981

    @divkid: a node is any device that performs a function on a network- a router, a printer, whatever- and to stop their problems, they’d have to overhaul major servers and every site sharing the server would likely go down for a bit, maybe days. That is alot of lost revenue and potential blog visitors finding new homes…

    And I think there is something wrong here today. My account is locked, I can’t log in, but I can use this name in the temp field…and every other comment is flagged.

  • Shannon1981

    Shouldn’t this bitch be in her rocking chair at the home? She’s certainly senile…get her out of the courtroom…

  • chimmy

    leave grandma alone, she obviously has spiderwebs in her vagina. It’s been so long for her to have sex. Grandma stay outta my sex life..if you can’t be happy for the GLBT community, then go be happy yourself with the tub faucet, since that is the only time you get your ejaculation. Straight people think of sex all of the time, and that’s what gets them started, talking about our gay sex. Sex is not the first thing on everyone’s mind, you know?

  • Stanley

    @Shannon1981: Ouch, Shannon. That’s a little harsh. Elderly people deserve our love & respect.

    There is some truth to what Grandma is saying. The anal lining is not biologically designed for anal intercourse, and that’s why the cell lining is not thick, and is prone to tearing & rupture. This is why anal intercourse between two men has the highest rate for HIV transmission. The fact that gay men are the largest identifiable demographic group in the Western world with HIV/ AIDS (while lesbians have the lowest HIV rates, even lower than straight people) is proof of this.

    Also, unlike the vagina, which is generally compliant to stretching, the anal sphincter is not as forgiving, and never fully returns to its original condition. It is quite possible that a man who has a ton of anal intercourse (as the bottom) could gradually develop incontinence & won’t be able to control passing his stool. He will then have to spend the rest of his life wearing giant diapers….

    Basically lesbian (girl-on-girl) sex is the safest, followed by heterosexual sex. Sex between two guys is the most dangerous.

  • edfu

    Who broke YOUR hymen, Granny? When did your exit also become an entrance?

  • B

    No. 24 · Anaxamenes wrote, “Why are they so concerned about other people’s sex? She’s put way too much thought into a small part of being gay.”

    My impression is that she put in no thought at all, which is why she was reading from a script and regurgitating wing-nut talking points. There’s no reason to get upset at her – at her age people get to say whatever pops into their heads (the elderly, like children, say the darnedest things). Probably her Calvinist minister told her that she’d get the best available room in Heaven (one with a bird’s eye views of the earth so she’d have front-row seats to watch the Apocalypse) if she testified, and she believed him … or something like that. He probably told her it would be like the 4th of July, only much, much bigger.

  • Phoenix

    She has a point,the anus is not lubricated like the Vagina hence it’s not naturally designed for sex,i do not care if straights or gays engage in anal sex.

    I may engage in it too one day.

    It does not detract from the facts though.

  • Robbie K

    Oh no she didn’t!! When Grandmas Attack

  • divkid

    @Shannon1981: thanks, you geek girl genius, you talked me down off the ledge.

    i am, and clearly have been, willing to tolerate the slowness; but it’s the arbitrary nature of the moderating system that does me in. i have”comments awaiting moderation”-agogo.
    kafka-esque doesn’t do it justice.

    for example, in a previous post, some time back i used the widest and choicest array of frankly obscene language i could muster (not that i’m bragging or anything but i do have enormous vocabulary of filth), which i deployed willy and indeed nilly. and, well…fine — no problems.

    but then in a different topic (same day) requiring a defter more subtle use of obscenity i got “censored” for using the word p**sy – see i daren’t use it now, lest some uniformed mittel-european comes knocking on my door. go figure.

    nodes eh, what new fangled gizmo will those boffins dream up next, i ask you.

    ladies und gentlemen i can announce the derailment will be rectified imminently. wishing you all pleasant journey.

  • Jeffree

    @Phoenix: That’s why it’s important to use lubrication. Many women who have vag-sex also need to use lubricant too because of dryness, especially during menopause &after.

    @B: I bet she was using talking points too. They’re the same ones u see at sites like FOtF and NARTH.

  • Jeffree

    @DivKid: more from me later, but meanwhile stop being a super-sensitive pùssý!

  • Jeffree

    —see what I did, DivDude? Ça marche! Just funning with ya.

  • divkid

    @Jeffree: aha! know i see why you’re here : to show me the way to gain insight of forbidden filth knowledge by using the force of your secret jedi weird accented lettering system.

    the force is strong with this one

    but first just to test: jeffree, wanna eat my boy pussy.

  • divkid

    @Jeffree: like wow! *saucer eyed in disbelief”

    now i see why you’re here: to show me the path to gain insight of forbidden filth knowledge by using the force of your secret jedi weird accented lettering system.

    it’s like a fucking invisability cloaking device.

    and there was me thinking it was just some effing poncy affectation.
    holy shit the force is strong with this one!

    but *your* the p**sy – yes, i aint figured how you do it yet : (

    damn you made me derail again; but all is not lost:…
    …something something old woman blah bblah anuses blah FELCHING blah…

  • Jim Hlavac

    Ok so no anal, I’ll stick to oral. Now what?

  • divkid

    @Jim Hlavac: waitress, i’ll have whatever this guys having.

  • divkid

    @Jim Hlavac: actually good point. even if they board up every anus from london england to urinal idaho — regardless were are still gonna *be* homogay and be *doing* the homogay.

  • divkid

    @divkid: surprised myself there, that was unexpectedly profound/slightly less shallow.

    this insomnia is making me feel like a scientologist speeding past operating thetan level 3.
    xenu, i’m coming for you, ya bastard!

  • Shannon1981

    @Stanley: What is what she is saying got to do with gay marriage? And because she gives me no respect(ie, deliberate attempts at denial of basic human rights that she takes for granted)she gets none from me, no matter her age. Not her business how others’ live their lives. She’s hateful and obscene.

    @divkid:LOL I assure you I am no genius, just an IT student. I am patient because I realize to take this site and all others down for the amount of time it would take to fix it all- IF they have a competent IT team and the ability/resources to do it- would cost them big, and isn’t the company that owns Queerty in financial straits? Haven’t kept up with that, but either way, they won’t do it until they absolutely have to. And the spam filter is ridic. I get flagged like, randomly, and the account I took such pains to create is now useless, no matter how many times I change my password. It’s flagged too. Oh well. At least they let me use my name.

  • Jasun Mark

    Ok, so does that mean us dedicated cock suckers can getvmarried?

  • divkid

    queerty strongly, ahem,”Implies” that ms kovar had communicated the notion that goes thus “Also, all gays are to blame for all those unwed mothers out there!”

    okay, i’ll run with it anyhow:
    …well, now, you horny goats! who knew y’all had it in you. kept bloody quiet about that didn’t y’all! you dogs!

    @shannon1981 (aka the geekgodess haha):
    really? financial difficulties? i had no idea. shit!
    my blood went cold for a second.

    if the lights go out, what happens to the valuable insightful testaments of people lives — (i mean the grown up ones, unlike mine haha). many of these are valuable cultural/sociological/historical resources for the future. all that human knowledge is it wiped? or archived?

    sometimes i might not post for weeks but i still read it most days. i’d miss everyone here. even jason. GOOD GOD — EVEN JASON!!!

    seriously, what a downer. :/

  • robert in NYC

    What is she going to do about straight married couples who already engage in anal sex? Have their marriages annulled? What a stupid, ignorant bitch. I’m always amazed that straights equate anal sex only with gays. Bad education for sure.

  • Jim

    Sweet Mother of Jesus!! At least she gave me a good laugh, I wish we had more people like her in Ireland, NOT!! Poor misguided woman.

  • cic

    haha. why did she quote joseph stalin? also, that senator in the back looks bored as hell.

  • Shannon1981

    @divkid: Isn’t Queerty owned by the same folks who run Out and a few others…Regent Media, I think it is? I mean I am reasonably sure that as many articles as there are here, this is more than just a hobby for the people who write here, especially since in the end of the Comments Policy there is an offer to ask about making money from home(I asked and they never answered). So this is a professional blog, not an amateur one. I doubt they’d just wipe the whole thing though. No worries, unless there is legal trouble. There was an article here about Regent and some shady business dealing awhile back. I, however, have zero interest in that kind of business- I don’t understand stocks and bonds and investing and stuff, so I just skimmed it and didn’t comment. I’d miss it here too. I’ve been reading this blog for a very long time, and now I comment almost daily.

    Sorry to derail, but the lady in that vid is just stupid, and she doesn’t deserve any more of my time.

  • Cloud9

    We may hate her, but she’s right.

  • prohomo

    @Cloud9: No she’s not. Is that you, STANLEY, or PHOENIX? Nice try.

  • nine0

    Granny isn’t into anal.

    She calls her anus her “nasty”.

    When her and her hard of hearing husband last went to the doctor, the doctor asked her husband for a semen, blood, and urine sample.

    Her husband asked “What did he say?”.

    She answered “He wants a pair of your underwear”.

  • MikeE

    if God didn’t want men having anal intercourse, he wouldn’t have put the prostate where it is. (sorry girls, anal will simply never be as much fun for you)

  • robert in NYC

    No. 60, MikeE…though I don’t subscribe to God creating the human race, you do have a point. A lot of straight people aren’t aware that the prostate gland reacts to stimulation. Some people refer to it as the “sex-gland”. I remember when I had my first digital rectal exam, my gastro-enterologist warned me that I might get aroused. He inserted not one but two fingers.

    In this narrow-minded woman’s view of anal sex, she might as well call for the medical profession to ban digital rectal examinations since nothing is supposed to be inserted in that part of our anatomy, not even suppositories I might add.

  • EuroRant

    This ol’ bitty makes me fawn for the sane wisdom of Dr Ruth. (I miss her.)

    What are Kovar’s credentials and is she medically trained or qualified to make such statements? If she has none then her testimony will easily be tossed out by any first year medical student. Is Colorado so hard-up for anti-gay testimony that they’ll allow anyone to come forward with extraordinary claims?

    Is Colorado another one of those states in America that can be deemed by us foreigners as part of the “loon-alliance”?

  • prohomo

    @Elle: It’s still from your vagina so my point stands. Same for penis: piss and sex.

  • DJ

    What does anal sex have to with getting married?… lls Marriage is based on love not sex. Well, that’s how it should be.

  • GetBalance

    She outta tell her story to the monkeys, they’d laugh her out of her tree.

    Butt on a more serious note: the only reason the suits weren’t laughing was cuz they were adjusting their butt plugs for a tighter fit. Nothing like a prostate party when ur bored to bits.

  • Fitz

    Nature also made people to not live to be 68.

  • B

    No. 68 · GetBalance “Butt on a more serious note: the only reason the suits weren’t laughing was cuz they were adjusting their butt plugs for a tighter fit. Nothing like a prostate party when ur bored to bits.”

    The real reason “the suits” were not laughing is that, as politicians, they are used to listening to crazy constituents and know that laughing at them is a good way of losing votes. Instead, they were probably tuning her out and thinking about some other issues that were important to them.

  • GetBalance

    B. Oh gee wiz B i totally missed THAT part if the equation. Ohfiddledeedee! ;)

  • B

    No. 38 · Stanley wrote, “It is quite possible that a man who has a ton of anal intercourse (as the bottom) could gradually develop incontinence & won’t be able to control passing his stool. He will then have to spend the rest of his life wearing giant diapers….”

    While I’ve heard anecdotal accounts of such a fate resulting from fisting, I can suggest a simple test – compare the distribution of erect penile diameters to those of stools. If identical, it is not likely that there is such a problem for anal intercourse.

    Have fun collecting the data!

  • Jeffree

    @B: (72) Thanks for dispelling the notion that buttsex leads to Depends! Your analogy is clear & accurate. That info won’t help troll Stanley, but I think it may be good to know for others. Including Colorado Grandmother…

  • Matt

    Better look in this old bitty’s broom closet and see if she has been poking her anus with the mop handle… obiviously she got a few bastard grandchildren with that kind of hate toward men.

  • mykelb

    One has to wonder how much anal sex experience she has personally had to make this conclusion. Does she not pee and bleed out of her vagina?

  • $0.02

    @75, no she does not pee out of her vagina, she has a urethra for that and at her age she most likely no longer bleeds. She is to some extent right, the anus is thinly lined and can rip and tear a lot more easy which can make transmission of STDs more likely which is why safe sex is so important. Doesn’t mean don’t have it if you are into that it just means be careful… I’m sure had/has something to say about lesbians as well but at the end of the day who cares what this women thinks…

  • TikiHead

    @Elle: You can’t expect we gay men to have detailed knowledge of lady-parts! (I knew where the urethra is on a lady — I have ‘Gray’s Anatomy’ ;-) )

  • TikiHead

    The anal walls are not one cell thick, BTW. Another successfully promulgate RW lie. Thanks, Paul Cameron.

  • donthatethemessenger

    thats sad that you would trash this old woman .she was explaining the [dangers]analshe has a point .the doctors specifically tell hetros as well as gay men the same thing.why in the heck would a school try to teach 4 yearolds and up about anal sex.thats peverted.you better listen instead of get mean about it. my friend who had anal esx for the first time had caught a blood disease the doctor told her no entry exit only.even with a condom did’nt help because its like sticking a grenade in your ass holemaking everything loose especially the sphincter muscle jar it loose[shit will enter into the blood.keep thinking it wont happen to you.

  • B

    Re No. 79 · donthatethemessenger: why do you think anyone would believe a word you said when you post things like, “why in the heck would a school try to teach 4 yearolds and up about anal sex.thats peverted”. The problem with that statement is that schools are not teaching young children about anal sex anywhere in the U.S. It’s more like telling the kids that some children have two mommies or two daddies instead of one of each, so they won’t tease classmates being raised in same-sex households.

  • Danny

    So did she give up her backside to some guy without thinking it through first? And was he apparently rough, too impatient and too rude not to use a condom and lube? Now she’s out to attack anyone who does it right because she failed at it? She could have brought the condom and lube to the party and not relied on a careless lover to do it, right?

  • Kyle L.

    The truth of the matter is we gays (especially gay men) have THE HOTTEST, most passionate, most enriched and lively sex lives of any other demographic. We enjoy sex, we know how to have good sex, and we know sex is a valued part of a long lasting relationship. Heteros are OBSSSESED with our sex lives…trust me, I have many straight friends, and they ask every question imaginable, and at a certain point, you can see the drool dripping from their mouth and they’ll even admit “we heteros stop having sex as soon as we get married.” That’s a fact too. Heteros, once married, barely have sex and when they do…it’s a chore. On the other hand, us gays KNOW how to have steamy sex and know it’s an essential component in a healthy relationship. When it comes to hot sex…gays have monopoly. Kind of like when it comes to no passion in the bedroom coupled with divorce, straights have that. Truth hurts heteros and that’s the truth.

  • Jackson

    I love when breeders get angry at our sex lives. lol. As evident by the one troll in this comments section going off on anal sex. Yes, dear, it’s pretty amazing, feels even more amazing, and much like gay sex…is pure heaven on earth. Sadly, you’ll never, ever experience the joys of gay sex. But I will bet your hubby is knocking up the baby sitter behind your back. Just like a good heterosexual marriage should be. Devoid of sex, filled with infedility, and divorce comes a knockin.

  • Rob Z

    This is an example of how utterly stupid some straight politicians are. Good luck to her constituents.

  • GetBalance


    Tho sex doesn’t stop at marriage w hets, we as homs don’t have religious ball n chain beliefs watering down our marriage beds, hence total sexual abandon the way god built us all to be.

  • Andrew Lyle

    I was “straight” up until last year. That’s not true at all, I always had feelings for guys, was always attracted to the pretty boy crowd with a little fem to them, but never acted on it and always slept with girls. It’s hilarious how “classy” heteros think their sex lives are. I’m a pretty good looking, fit, attractive guy and would get hit on pretty often by chicks when out and about. These straight girls will come up to you and whisper all sorts of nasty in your ear, and the first thing they want to do when you get them behind closed doors is put my private part in their mouth. Straight sex is fixated on oral sex, and last time I checked, putting my private which I just peed out of, in your mouth is not exactly the most nature made or classy encounter. That being said, I agree with the comments above. I didn’t truly know of great sex until I had it with a gay guy. Gay men ARE better at ..virtually everything behind closed doors compared to straight females. Gay men seriously take a passion at giving head and having sex whereas with a good majority of girls, they really have no clue at all what they are doing. Trust me when I say, most straight guys know this and are curious and act on that curiosity. Personally speaking, I’m glad I did. Sex is amazing, but great sex you actually enjoy is even better.

  • Chris

    Old women know this because in the bygone days they would take it in the arse so they are all virginal at their str8 wedding. And well said someone, what of lesbians? Defend that granny.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Andrew Lyle: God, shut up.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Kyle L.: That’s not the truth at all. You are only speaking based on your own life experiences in whoredom. It’s not the same for every gay man out there, nor is what you describe the standard for every straight couple out there. You sound ridiculous.

  • Ionmusic

    @TheRealAdam: You sign on as Stanley, you sign on as Daez, you now sign on as TheReal Adam. We know who you are, you’re more than obvious with your trolling. If you’re going to troll…be good at it. You’re many personas always get called out because we know exactly what your intentions are. To come here, start a flame war, and make gays go at it with each other AND IT NEVER WORKS. Instead, we always end up uniting in the name of gay all while ganging up on you. Your presence does nothing but make us stronger. It reminds those who are closeted to step out of the closet and not be like your disturbed, sickening, vile self. It reminds those of us who are out, proud and sane to be who we are even more so. You are taking up space on our planet dear and no one likes your type. Heteros think you’re weird, gays think you’re insane, and it’s turned you into a complete nut job. Seek help, but know that your presence here has really solidified the gay community on queerty. You self loathers always have that affect on the rest of us healthy minded LGBT.

  • Dynex

    @Ionmusic: Lol I thought IT was Daez. Stanley is his most hilarious alias yet. A self described “unattractive fatty who loves Walmart and goes to bed crying to Jebus that he likes penis” lol! You can’t make this stuff up. But TheRealAdam aka Stanley aka Daez aka insert all the other alias handles he goes by does make it up and does spend a good amount of his time on here spewing all sorts of ignorance. What has most of us smiling is this character is on this site literally all day long, and all day long their entire day is consumed by being reminded of gay rights, gay causes, gay progress, gay models, gay men, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay. something tells me this clown will probably have a shot life due to his stress and anguish and same something tells me not many will mind when IT is gone :)

  • TheRealAdam

    @Ionmusic: What on earth are you talking about?

    The subtext of your criticism is that, if someone disagrees with a comment on these posts, then they must be the same person and/or a troll. So, only the people who go along with whatever everyone else says, are capable of being individuals?

    There’s nothing “healthy-minded” about groupthink. My comments vary across this site based on whatever the topic is, and I don’t give two shits whether it’s in line with what you or anyone else thinks. Get on with it, and get some counseling while you’re at it, dear.

  • Dynex

    @TheRealAdam: Dude, if anyone needs any counseling it’s the dichotomy in your brain that dicates arguing for arguments sake. you never support your principles and what is humane toward our plight, instead if you see too many supportive comments of our cause and plight you turn the conversation around to pin us against one another. you’ve done this before and it shows your lack of loyalty to gay rights and your loyalty to creating drama.

  • Jay

    And the puss wasn’t made for licking either. Yet, I bet Granma wouldn’t push some Beiber boytoy with a Ruth Gordon fantasy away if it came to that.

  • BlogShag

    @kernelt: Why is it no one’s business what others are doing in bed, if what they do contributes to the harm and corruption of people and minors and also spreads disease?

  • BlogShag

    @kernelt, By the way, Ted Bundy killed many women in their beds. So I guess it’s no one’s business what others do in their beds huh? :\

  • TheRealAdam

    @Dynex: I’d strongly suggest you get some counseling, as well.

  • robert in NYC

    I wonder if she realizes that the vagina is the organ through which urine and menstrual blood pass? Hardly what one could call germ free. It should be equally disgusting to her that men stick their penises in that same hole. Denigrating anal sex doesn’t hack it as far as I’m concerned. Its nothing more than a red herring to ban equal rights for gays, rooted in religious beliefs. I bet she even thinks fellatio is also disgusting and I suspect she’s never had it done to her or is aware of it. I guess she should support a ban on straights marrying for that matter since they engage in sexual activity that she wouldn’t approve of,including anal.

  • GetBalance

    This is one shitty subject. Moving on……..

  • Andrew

    I love, love, love the hand gestures. Go to 0:50 when she says “tight sphincter”!

  • Nate

    This lady is Has achieved a level of ignorance that will make you vomit…bravo

  • jwoolman


    Yes, I have to agree with you. Anal sex actually is hazardous for strictly biological reasons – unfair, but true. It’s understandable that people would try it (“hey! another hole!”) but it really is quite a different organ (and environment) than the vagina, a two-way muscle that is quite stretchable. The vagina and related areas have some built-in defenses against microbial attack lacking in “the other hole”, but isn’t fail-safe on that point either.

    This has nothing to do with morality, just with some practical realities. Look for fun but safer alternatives, people. And please learn some human biology if you really believe urine comes out of the vagina … :) Blood, yes. Babies, yes. Some other interesting bodily fluids sometimes, yes. But not urine. Different hole.

  • MikenStL

    I doubt that she has much “natural” lubrication now that she’s 20+ yrs into menopause and she must have a really thin colon, because most humans have three layers of tissue many many cells thick throughout their GI tract….

  • MikenStL


    First off HIV is a virus, not a microbe. Secondly, the colon does have a very extensive microbial defense system, the colon is chock-full of bacteria (feces is 70% water and the rest is primarily bacteria and some fiber)

    This is probably why unprotected anal intercourse riskier. HIV attacks the T-cells which are the bodies “defense system” and there is a high concentration of them in the walls of the colon/intestines. I could go on, but I that’s the basics in a nutshell.

  • edfu


    Biology, biology, biology! The colon and intestines have absolutely nothing to do with penile-anal intercourse; if they do, you’re being penetrated by a horse and will probably suffer a perforated colon. In penile-anal intercourse it is the anus and the rectum that are affected, and the tissues there are completely different from colon/intestine tissue.

    And yes, the tissue walls in the anus/rectum are much thinner than in the colon/intestines and in the vagina. And the anal/rectal tissue acts much much like a vacuum cleaner than the in the colon/intestines and in the vagina.

    That’s one of the reasons why HIV is more easily transmitted in anal intercourse than in vaginal intercourse.

  • Kevin

    I’m curious as to what her explanation to the prostate (male g-spot) is. It’s a part of the male body that causes sexual pleasure and it’s in a spot that is unreachable by conventional means other than, you guessed it, a penis going up the butt.

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