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How did Colton Haynes fiancé react to that “American Horror Story” sex scene?

Turns out Colton Haynes‘ fiancé Jeff Leatham was way into that sultry sex scene in last week’s episode of American Horror Story: Cult.

The intense scene finds Haynes stripping down with Billy Eichner and going to town on a dining room table.

Haynes tells Entertainment Weekly  Leatham’s reaction was unexpected:

“I just showed him [the scene] in the car and he was laughing. He loves Billy Eichner and so do I.

“Jeff’s so used to it. That’s my job. We had protection on. We had clothes on and it’s just fun. Billy and I laughed the entire time… it was so awkward. So awkward, but we got through it.”

Haynes also reveals we can look forward to even more sex scenes “with multiple cast members, some you would never expect.”

Haynes and Leatham will be marrying this mouth, and the Teen Wolf actor admits he’s  “freaking out” and “so excited”:

“We just locked in a really great musical guest, which we didn’t have, so I’m taking all the credit for that. I locked him in last night.

It’s going to be epic, it’s going to beautiful. Lots of flowers and a lot of really cool, couture costume changes.”