Cops Nab Justin Waller In Vermont, Headed to NYC to Face Charges on John Lea’s Murder

Justin Waller (pictured, top), the live-love lover of the brutally murdered New Yorker John Lea (pictured, below), was arrested in Vermont and is being extradited to New York City, where he faces second-degree murder charges. Rookie mistake: His used Lea’s credit cards, giving authorities the easiest trail to follow, evs.

Commenter “giannirage” claims to have known the pair: “I knew both of them. They met at my gym. Watched the whole thing blossom. Justin is built like a porn star, has incredible tats and reeks of trouble from miles away. This John guy has been a Hell’s Kitchen local for quite some time and shouldn’t have been an easy mark. It’s amazing how people will put themselves in danger over a hot piece of ass. That’s the problem with Manhattan today: everyone has been so busy for so long working 17 hour days that they’ve forgotten basic street smarts. ‘People skills’ and ‘business acumen’ and ‘networking agility’ just ain’t the same thing. Very sad. I hope he was a really good lay, at the very least.”

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