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Costa Rica’s Human Rights Leader Says Homosexuality Is A Curable Sin

What…The HELL…is this man doing in a human rights office?

Justo Orozco, the leader of the Committee of Human Rights at the National Assembly of Costa Rica, openly states that he believes homosexuality is a sin than can be cured.

“Unfortunately, I believe so, because it is written in The Bible,” Orozco says. Why “unfortunately”? Is it guilt that his views are insanely wrong?

As for his belief that gayness can be reversed: “I have anecdotal proof. In the local churches here, I met one who was that way and who got straightened out.”




Orozco, who is also a protestant minister (surprised?), only assumed leadership of human rights early this month, when he immediately abolished a legislative proposal to recognize same-sex unions as equal to Costa Rican civil unions. Has the world gone mad?! Why not put a KKK Grand Wizard in charge of the NAACP, too?!

Thankfully, there is much local outrage at Orozco’s appointment, according to the Costa Rica Star:

The president of the Diversity Movement in Costa Rica, Marco Castillo, has announced that his organization will file a complaint before the Inter-American Human Rights Commission with regard to Mr. Orozco’s declarations. Mr. Castillo is not alone in this sentiment; thousands of people in Costa Rica have taken to social media outlets to call for Mr. Orozco’s resignation.

On another topic, is it just us…or…does this photo of Orozco have a certain, shall we say, “twinkle”?