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Costa Rica’s Human Rights Leader Says Homosexuality Is A Curable Sin

What…The HELL…is this man doing in a human rights office?

Justo Orozco, the leader of the Committee of Human Rights at the National Assembly of Costa Rica, openly states that he believes homosexuality is a sin than can be cured.

“Unfortunately, I believe so, because it is written in The Bible,” Orozco says. Why “unfortunately”? Is it guilt that his views are insanely wrong?

As for his belief that gayness can be reversed: “I have anecdotal proof. In the local churches here, I met one who was that way and who got straightened out.”




Orozco, who is also a protestant minister (surprised?), only assumed leadership of human rights early this month, when he immediately abolished a legislative proposal to recognize same-sex unions as equal to Costa Rican civil unions. Has the world gone mad?! Why not put a KKK Grand Wizard in charge of the NAACP, too?!

Thankfully, there is much local outrage at Orozco’s appointment, according to the Costa Rica Star:

The president of the Diversity Movement in Costa Rica, Marco Castillo, has announced that his organization will file a complaint before the Inter-American Human Rights Commission with regard to Mr. Orozco’s declarations. Mr. Castillo is not alone in this sentiment; thousands of people in Costa Rica have taken to social media outlets to call for Mr. Orozco’s resignation.

On another topic, is it just us…or…does this photo of Orozco have a certain, shall we say, “twinkle”?

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  • 1equalityUSA

    So is gluttony.

  • Charley

    If he’s a human rights leader there I’d hate to meet an opponent.

  • Cam

    The guy is obviously just another idiotic self hating closet case. I’m so bored with these guys.

  • Adrian

    This man is a disgrace to my country (costa rica). Queery readers, be certain that EVER since this man exposed his intentions on heading the Human Rights commission, there’s been LOTS of demonstrations of indignation. This is the last desperate show of the costarican religious right to force the country’s otherwise liberal tendencies backwards. This coming Saturday, many pro human rights movements, as well as the local gay groups have summoned all reasonable people to protest on perhaps the country’s -so far- greatest pro gay-rights march. Help us!

  • Jonathonz

    I was wondering where he got his information. Turns out he got it from the BIBLE. No surprise there.

  • Mk Ultra

    What does that even mean today?
    Like “morals” and “values”, this word has become almost satirical.
    Because of all the damage right wing conservatives have done to these terms, in the not too distant future, they will be used almost for ironic purposes.
    Ex- “Billy raped the girl. He has morals and values.”
    “I don’t like you. Therefore, you’re committing a sin”

  • jason

    Look, it is possible to direct men away from homosexual behavior. However, their orientation doesn’t change.

  • James

    I love Costa Rica and its people are warm hearted and accepting. I have visited many times and though I have considered a winter vacation elsewhere, I always return to the place where I have had so much fun, so many wonderful memories, (and so many horrible sunburns, lol) – I feel certain that the wonderful people of Costa Rica will fix this.

  • StevenB

    The only positive note we in Costa Rica see to this case is that thanks to this man and his caveman ideas the LGTB people has come closer together that they had ever been, It was a really scattered group.
    Leadership, by definition, means being in front of your people, when required. This means “defending the dignity of all its citizens and persuade his people to do the same. ”
    We will teach the President of the committee on Human Rights how to be a true leader.

    “Because it is a struggle of love, because it is a battle against hatred, because it is a war against bullying, bullies and violence we are going to make the country stand in favor of human dignity, rights and a inherent equality. ” please post any message of support to the address below.


  • Natalia

    LOL!!!! Loved the twinkle thing. I am a Tica and one of the many thousands of citizens who are outraged at this guys bigotry, not to mention his outrageous, unmeasurable, constant STUPIDITY. Could you believe that, upon the media uprise following his appointment, he has stated at several interviews that “I am not homophobic. It is them [the gays] who are homophobic, because they will not leave me alone or let me manifest myself.”??? ROFL, ROFL, ROFL. He was even so idiotic as to turn the rest of the minority population against himself by making comments about women being perdition (Bible talk as well), saying that infertility is a rich people’s disease (in his bid against IVF), claiming that there are more important issues in the agenda, like those of “los cieguitos y los inditos”(condescending terms for blind people and indigenous peoples). The worst part was that his leadership of this commission was won on a voting of 5 vs. 2, where the additional four were congressmen for the governing party and the other extreme right-wing party in the country. There was a candidate of the opposition who has solidary views on all human rights issues, but only herself and one other congressman voted for her. This makes me profoundly ashamed of my country. The reaction of a portion the population, on the other hand, makes me very proud.

  • Kev C

    How many men has Justo turned straight just by looking at them?
    You wanna..?
    Oh god no, I’m straight!

  • Steph Solis

    I am Tica too and as a lesbian I am profoundly frustrated with all this happening in my country… Orozco claims that gay people turned gay because of food hormones, that he shall not approve same sex civil unions because it will open more “doors” for us to keep on requesting things.. He claims that homosexuality is an abomination and also non senses like “woman where created by god to have children and raise them at home” and on top of that he finished he sentence with “I just cannot conceive a penis in an anus, the organs where created by god to procreate, and they(LGBTIs) can’t, is not natural” …. In front of all this bigotry, injustice, bullying and fanaticism we need help to get rid of this piece of @/!€@!!! Please put your face on http://www.fuerajustoorozco.com …. Please help!!!

  • Cam

    I Love all the postings on here by people from Costa Rica. Thank you for letting us know more about whats going on!

    And I’m glad to hear that this guy has caused the GLBT community there to unite to defend against him. Sounds like things are starting to move quickly down there.

  • alx

    As a Costa Rican I just want to clarify something we are not ashamed of our country, we’re ashamed of its goverment and bigots like Justo Orozco, we need to stand up and fight and that’s what we are doing.

  • B

    One look at him and I think I know what the cure is – erectile dysfunction.

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