Attention Shoppers

COVID-denying “male Karen” hijacks California Costco with bullhorn

Shoppers at a Costco in Tustin, California got an unexpected show this week, as a man with a megaphone staged an impromptu demonstration inside the store to claim COVID-19 is a hoax. 

Standing on top a clothing display, the unidentified man removed his mask and began spouting COVID-related conspiracy theories to stunned shoppers.

“If masks really work, why is it still a problem?” he ranted. “Masks don’t do anything. It’s just the flu.”

“Did you know that the CDC in November or December went back and tested blood?” he continued. “Guess what, it already had COVID in it.”

That last bit shouldn’t surprise anyone. The number 19 in COVID-19 indicates that the mutation of the virus occurred in 2019. International medicine, however, did not identify the virus until it had already begun to spread in early 2020.

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One shopper interrupted the man to point out that more than 300,000 people in the United States alone have died of the virus. Apparently, the death toll didn’t dissuade him.

“Anybody who died of COVID died of the flu,” the protester asserts. “Every year 70,000 people die of the flu.” (We’re guessing he’s not good at math, either.)

“You know why we’re under lockdown right now? All this information is coming out about COVID, and we know it’s a farce,” the man continued. “Governor Newsom doesn’t have the right to make you wear a mask.”

At this point in the video, a store employee is seen encouraging shoppers to leave the area. We have to wonder where the store security guards had wandered off to.

California is currently under new lockdown orders after a sharp spike in COVID-19 cases. The first weeks of December saw daily positive cases more than double from the same time in November, with The Mercury News reporting that the state saw on average more than 31,000 new reported cases per day.