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  • Monica Roberts

    Charles Knapps have made enough money off spraying jet black printer ink all over his face, to the pernt where all you can see is “Mammy Eyes” and “Coon Lips” that this foolish shit should have been long ago denounce by the White Gay Mafia.


    You SADITTY gay white mens sit up and wave ya’ll “White Privilege Cards” everywhere y’all go, no matter do it be online shoppings springs or “showing off for trade at the Red Lobsters.”

    of COURSE y’all will be fine, no matter WHAT happen to the economy, but WHAT about those of us who GREAT (x7) grandparents was sold by the tribal leaders of Camaroon to come pick the gottamn cotton that y’all now hiss as “PRADA?”

    Where is MY “Stimulus Package??”
    Or do I have to do as always and sniff under some white man pants hoping for a $2 bill?


    That is how is TEE – Hoe- ZWEE _ hurse

  • matt (the other other one)

    @Monica Roberts: Can you post after your meds have kicked in? Yours posts are always gibberish.

  • ioni

    Oh WOW
    Now I want some more gay lessons as well!

    Mmmm I can think of “champaigne drill” and “oral practice” and “beauty training”!

    Creative, indeed!

  • hardmannyc

    Matt: I think “Monica Roberts” is putting us on.

  • PearlsBeforeSwine

    There is no link to what the ‘$9 million for gay lessons’ reference is about. The web site doesn’t have anything on this that I can find. A reputable publication would have two sources before publishing. Queerty seems to prefer none.

  • vernonvanderbilt

    I could give some gay lessons for $9 million. Anyone wanna employ me?

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