Rumor Has It

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Most Flaming Outfits

Rihanna sparked gay rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo after she told reporters that she has “a lot of gay friends and support sexual diversity” when was asked about her relationship with the soccer star. Well whether or not he may be gay (hey, we’ll take him), let us enjoy his most flaming err hottest outfits.

Flaming Hot Pink

Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo takes a walk with friends in Miami Beach

Flaming Neon GreenCristiano Ronaldo is seen holidaying with friends and family in the Algarve, Portugal

Flaming White Hot

EXCLUSIVE: Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk pose for pictures while on vacation in the Maldives

Flaming Neon Orange

Cristiano Ronaldo training with Real Madrid at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA

Flaming Dark Black

A shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo leaves a Real Madrid training session in Los Angeles

Flaming Neon Blue

Cristiano Ronaldo with a new hairstyle

Flaming Red Hot

Real Madrid football striker Cristiano Ronaldo during his sitting for his measurements used to make his wax figure

Flaming Hot Yellow

Exclusive: Shirtless Cristiano Ronaldo shows off his buff body on a boat in Miami

And again, from behind

Cristiano Ronaldo having a siesta on a yacht in Miami


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  • mattsy

    does he have 1 hair on him?

  • Bemoresocial

    I have a lot of black friends and support racial equality, does that mean I’m secretly from Uganda? People are so blind. If he was gay, he’d be gay- he wouldn’t make this elaborate ruse to keep people thinking he was straight. To what end? Why would he care? He’s rich and famous and doesn’t seem to give two shits about what anyone thinks.

  • Jackhoffsky

    It’s cropped out, but his most flaming outfit on that last picture is the guy who is next to him. LOL.

  • that_dude247

    I don’t find any of these flaming.

  • Discodaddybob

    Does it really matter? Who cares? The dude is HOT HOT HOT and which way he swings sexually is his own business and not ours really. It does appear that he’s surrounded by other guys on the boat with no gals in view. Whatever. I enjoy looking at the pics of him. I can fantasize can’t I?

  • Niall

    People need to realize that European men seem to not have the “gay clothes” dichotomy that American men and others seem to have.

  • Sansacro

    @Jackhoffsky: lol brilliant

  • Mr. E. Jones


    They also tend to be more confident in their own sexuality. This kid gets so much pussy, gay rumours don’t bother him. If he was American, he’d be in the media desperately telling everyone how straight he is.

  • rand503

    Well, he IS wearing a Madonna t-shirt….

  • Sweet Boy

    Yellow is such a difficult colour

  • Jonathan

    he is def a closeted gay/or bi male all the outfits he is wearing all of them have something in common and those are bright colors and not to mention the earing he has in his ear is too blingy for a straight male to be wearing and in some off the pics you can see he has a little sugar to his tank and you can tell by the way he moves his hands or positions himself he is way too loose

  • litper

    @Bemoresocial, you obviously know nothing about homophobia in european football if you think a man can be openly gay there if he wanted…

  • litper

    I guess queens like Niall and Mr. E. Jones are the same who were defending Ricky Martin’s “heterosexuality”

  • kayakriver

    he must get his whole body waxed. he’s portuguese he shud be at least a bit hairy.

  • declanto

    How very Queeny to fantasize over HOT YOUNG sports figures. How very Queeny to leap to conclusions based on a certain shade of a certain color. How very American Queeny to presume the world follows your silly, arbitrary rules of engagement.

  • balehead

    So much prejudice against guys who aren’t white and blond on this site…

  • litper

    @declanta, did you forget to take your meds?

    Also don’t forget he has a kid from surrogate mother. It’s all just too obvious…

  • Eric Auerbach

    Sorry, ladies, he’s not gay.

  • darkorient

    He might be or might be gay, I don’t know. But seriously, you people living in the US need to get out the country more. What he’s wearing is totally normal in the rest of the world. Your country is so homophobic that everything more colorful than a rag cloth is seen as “gay”. Pfft.

  • litper

    @darkorient, how many openly gay athletes are there in “non-homophobic” Portugal and how many in “homophobic” USA?

  • Niall

    @litper: LMAO. At the same time though, I’m not the one trying to “project” my wishes unto someone else. If Ronaldo is gay by virtue of what he wears, 50% of young guys in Europe must be gay too, because a lot of this stuff is actually commonplace.

  • litper

    @Niall according to recent survey 25% of young guys in Europe had/want to have sex with men. Anyways, how many of those young european men have kids from surrogate mothers and are frequently spotted in gay places?

  • DarthKitsune

    @Bemoresocial: so, are all Black people from Uganda or. . .

  • xtincta

    This is a silly article, if you just wanted an excuse to post pictures of him you should have just said so. This article would have been labeled as homophobic if it came from another source.


    No and why should he? If he doesn’t want body hair why should he be forced to have some.


    How silly Body hair isn’t a requirement for any nationality.

  • balehead

    He’s hawt!! don’t be such Toxic Queens!…

  • jamesbarnette

    If you needed Rhianna to clue you in that he’s gay then you need to take your head out of your arse.

    Give me a break. He was photographed just last week on a boat with his friggin boyfriend.

  • Mofdgheb

    Wait…. He knows Rihanna?

  • Niall

    @litper: Didn’t know about the 25% thing and what gay place was he spotted in? You’ll have to fill me in on that one. I’ll admit, I kinda found the surrogate mother thing weird and it made me suspicious, but like I said, If you’re gonna peg him as gay, it’s definitely not by virtue of these clothes.

  • Mezaien

    I just want him naked.

  • darkanser

    This is the first I’m hearing of this surrogate mother thing and I must admit, it did make me raise my eyebrows. When I think of surrogate mothers, I tend to think of artificial insemination but perhaps I should think primarily of a mother who gives up her parental rights. The Daily Mail suggests the birth might have been a result of an affair which hardly sounds like surrogate mother territory unless the hookup was a planned fertilization. No presumably heterosexual – and fertile — male celebrity needs a surrogate to have a baby — unless it’s a form of gold-digger insurance.

  • Shirtless Climber


    Definitely no.
    From an athlete’s view, bodyhair is waste of proteins.

  • Shirtless Climber

    @darkanser: I think the baby is in better hands of himself, his mother and his sister now than it would be in the hands of a “party girl” (what means in Europe a “prostituted for the high society”).

  • gary69mike

    I don’t think European men really care too much how they are perceived in their cloths. But I tell you… I would love to feel my way up those beautiful legs! So hot!!!

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