New Underwear Line Lets You Easily Reveal Your Sexual Position In Your Waistband

The London-based sports and underwear brand Curb just released a new line of skivvies that encourages you to reveal your true “identity” — clearly meaning how you like to twerk it out when it comes to sexy times.

The British lovelies above try to nonchalantly take advantage of Curb’s brilliant (?) innovation while riding the tube — before they ride one another. The line features three types of briefs bearing an identity on the waistband: Bottom, Versatile, and Active.

We don’t know why Curb is beating around the bush, so to speak, with the “Active” label. They’re not fooling anyone. To wit, how they describe each brief:

Be the top of your game with the Active brief in white with the super smooth blue waistband.
Cut to the chase with the Bottom brief in white with the super smooth red waistband.
Take your choice with the Versatile brief in white with the super smooth green waistband.

Curb might as well take a note from Andrew Christian and start including condoms with their underwear. Check out more photos of the Identity line below:

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  • yaoming

    “Bottom” i get, but who would see someone with “active” underpants and know that meant he was a top?

  • Charlie in Charge

    Team versatile all the way – the sex is twice as long.

  • lab

    dumbest ad campaign ever…photos on subway and # 5 he is sitting in seat reserved for pregnant women…product is dumb too

  • ouragannyc

    @Charlie in Charge: True dat, Charlie!!!
    vers for vers!

  • ouragannyc

    @lab: LOL

  • MikeE

    Yes, I can most definitely see the clear and urgent need for this type of underwear.
    Ever since humanity lost the ability to communicate verbally, it has been the bane of horny men to communicate their sexual desires to prospective partners.

    oh if only there were some way of doing so.


  • Marvymiller

    @yaoming: anyone outside the US or has traveled outside the US would know. Fairly common references Active = Top Passive = Bottom

  • B Damion this new underwear only for white men? or can I as a proud black man have a pair?

  • BudsYourUncle

    Just another thing that makes me embarrassed to be a gay man.
    /facepalm indeed.

  • defsteve

    @B Damion: Whoa dude. Take it back a notch. You’re going to explode heads with this whole “Not all gay people are white.” thing. These queers need to be brought into the light slowly.

  • MikeE

    @B Damion: You can have a pair, but honestly, would you really want to?

  • balehead

    More Controllism by toxic queens…..

  • Homophile


    The fact that you are embarrassed says a lot more about you than it does the rest of us.

  • Zodinsbrother

    @lab: You can always tell when people don’t know what they are talking about.

  • ncman

    @Marvymiller: well, the problem is that they went half way. Either go Top/Bottom or Active/Passive. But, why mix the two together? And anyway, who wants to have sex with a “passive” bottom?

  • susansylvester

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  • Lg2983

    @lab: You’re the dumb one. The seat is not “reserved” for pregnant women. It simply gives priority seating to them. It’s a courtesy anyway…not the law.

  • Becky Sharp

    90% of the guys who buy “active” will be lying.

  • Brian

    This is a pathetic and tacky undies stunt. Maybe they should have one that says “STD`S”.

  • Alice

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  • BlogZilla

    @lab: Shut up you ugly fat queen. Obviously someone like you wouldn’t understand, with your pathetic scapegoat pessimism . What’s the matter? Sorry you’ve never been able to wear Speedos and actually look good in them, instead of getting laughed at?

  • GayTampaCowboy

    I get the “angle” they are marketing…but i’m wondering if there are any gay folks at CURB’s product development team? Why you ask?

    Well, for years there have been tee-shirts on sale (some more obvious than others) that clearly display the wearer’s preferred position. And, there’s always the tried-and-true hankey codes (Google it) if one wanted to be a bit more discreet with one’s sexual position and activity preferences. So, having Active, Versatile and Bottom stitched in the waist bands also seems a bit “after-the-fact.” I mean unless you’re at your favorite gay bar’s “Underwear Night” OR you’re going for a more “urban-my-jeans-are-too-big-on-purpose-so-you-can-see-my underwear” look, I’d like to hope I’d know the guys preference from conversation versus having to read his underwear! hahahah

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