Dallas Police Sergeant Transferred Over Chick-fil-A Brouhaha

There’s a new twist in the ongoing Chick-fil-A controversy: Two unnamed lesbian police officers have filed a formal complaint with the Dallas Police Association over an incident with police Sergeant Mark Johnson. Last week during Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, Johnson brought in a meal from the fast-food chain and, according to the women, confronted them about the controversy surrounding the eatery.

But before the incident could be investigated, Johnson was transferred from his night shift at the Dallas southeast station to the graveyard shift at the Dallas County jail.

Dallas Police Association president Ron Pinkston is concerned that the move was proscribed as punishment before the facts could be ascertained: “There [were] comments to me that he’s a supervisor, [that] he shouldn’t have brought that chicken sandwich to work that day. [But] they didn’t ask him his side of the story or anything,” said Pinkston. “The department took a side on the issue and transferred him immediately.”

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  • Spike

    Nice Coors ads, Queerty. At least it’s now proven that there isn’t a single gay over the age of 30 involved in this site nor understand the power of a gay boycott. Just a matter of time before Queerty is taking advertising dollars form Chik-fil a.

    Coors Then . . . Chil fil a Now. Queerty FAIL

  • Mason

    Maybe they just wanted his job and created this controversy? Happens all the time when women want a man’s job….

  • Goodhead

    @Spike: Your criticism of Queerty on this issue is unwarranted. If you want to boycott Coors, that’s fine, but you can’t expect everyone to jump on your bandwagon just because you have a gripe with them.

  • Bellerophon69

    Probably either the guy was an A-hole and no one else in the squad could stand him, spoiling for a confrontation may be his office MO anyway, OR the department is trying to defuse a potential discrimination lawsuit by separating the two parties. Either way, even if it WAS unfair to transfer him without due process I really can’t feel too sorry for him; he sounds like a jerk.

  • Jack

    @ Spike what is your beef with Coors they sponsor gay causes and have same sex benefits and GLBT groups for employees. In fact some redneck bar stopped selling their beer because of their support, and for some reason I think there is a Gay person in the high levels of the company.

  • Barry Battle

    He had as much right to bring that sandwich to work as you have a right to stage a kiss-in at Chick-fil-a. What’s good for the goose, etc etc. These women who complained are nothing but hysterical reactionaries, and it’s them who should have been put on the graveyard shift.

  • F Stratford

    I hope your kidding.

  • F Stratford

    @Barry Battle:

    Not if he is a supervisor and started mouthing off without provocation.

    Policemen have a code of conduct to follow. They are not civilians that can just use their free speech rights whenever they want to.

  • JohnnyBoy

    @Barry Battle: The police department clearly stated it was not about the sandwich. It was said two or three times throughout the video that it was not about a sandwich. I’m not sure how you missed that. So, there is more to the story and as the reporter stated the police department does not discuss the details with the public when it comes to personnel. So, there is more to the story that we just haven’t heard. He obviously said some things to those gay officers that he should not have and he is a sergeant so he should know better.

  • Clockwork

    @F Stratford:
    >Not if he is a supervisor and started mouthing off without provocation.
    >Policemen have a code of conduct to follow.
    Yes, it sounds as if this officer forgot the code.

    This link from Dallas Morning news has the best detail on the story.

    I really wish you folks at Queerty would perform a simple search of news and find the best sources for these incidents

  • Daez

    @Barry Battle: No, he absolutely did not. If he brought the sandwich to work as a political statement of any type than he stepped over the line. The workplace needs to be kept free of political statements (especially when close unity and the ability to work together could mean the difference between life and death). What he did was completely unprofessional. If he wanted to make a statement and chose to go to Chick-fil-A out of uniform then that is completely in his right to do so.

  • Homomofo

    Not only is any workplace really not the forum for such political debate, police are required to remain very neutral on hot topics like this. There is a reason why many orthodox people who want to become cops are not accepted because they bring the politics of their religion with them and refuse to recognize gay rights etc. Police officers are definitely kept to a different standard than the rest of us an his bringing that sandwich to work that day was pushing those limits. If he really did place the bag directly in front of those two dyke cops and shoot his mouth off at them like the other linked report from Clockwork suggests , then he got what he deserved. Oh and Mason we don’t need sexism thanks take that BS elsewhere

  • Clockwork

    This whole Chick-Fil-A issue is really bringing out some ill behavior from people:
    Workplace harassing cops, vandalism, intimidating Chick-Fil-A employees.

    Stop, think people before you try to make a statement on this one.

  • paul berman

    Coors is a major sponsor of the Heritage Foundation and has employed Dick Cheney’s daughter to do damage control with our community. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. #1 is on target.

  • Spike

    @paul berman: Says alot about Queerty when they accept ads for Coors at the same time report on Chik-fil-a . . and they comments criticize me for calling out Queerty.

  • Canton

    It’s Texas, a flyover, who the fecc cares?

  • Stephen

    @Canton Three of the top 10 largest cities in the US, more than any other state. So, yeah, flyover… There are a lot of gay people here, and we care.

  • Jaack

    Maybe this was the LAST STRAW that got this sgt. moved to graveyard shift.Probably the worst time in a jail time with the drunks, etc. I feel no remorse about not getting “his side of the story”.

  • mike ramon

    You know that loser cop sergeant brought that chikfila sandwich in taunt the lesbian cops. Hey look at me I’ma a male cop I can date women and no one will say a thing, too bad you can’t without some controversy. Man its cops like that jerk I can’t stand, if you want to buy one of their greasy bird sandwiches, go for it, but eat it in your squad car or at the restaurant, and I use the term restaurant very loosely.

  • Howard

    The real issue here is whether we as a people will obey God. God has told us that homosexual behavior is a sin. But there is growing acceptance of homosexuality. God has told us that murder is a sin. But the murder of babies in their mothers’ wombs has been legalized. God has told us that the land of Israel is not to be divided. But pressure has been put upon Israel to divide her land. In these three sins, the USA is in open rebellion against God. I invite you all to join me in praying that We The People will repent. The Lord Jesus Christ will return. Get ready.

  • BradT

    I am well over 50 years old and I participated in the Coors boycotts in the 1970’s. I am extremely proud that we were able to banish their products from our bars. However, since Joe Coors died, the company instituted completely LGBT-friendly policies. They sponsor many gay events and donate heavily to our causes. It is not fair to continue to hold grudges after they have become good corporate citizens.

  • Clockwork

    >The Lord Jesus Christ will return. Get ready.

    Seriously, if Jesus is coming, I want to be here to see it.
    Last thing I want is to watch it from heaven.

  • F Stratford

    I really hope Jesus comes back. He didn’t hate sinners (because we all are accroding to the epistle to the Romans). What he railed against are the hypocrites at the temple (the parable of the proud rich man), the usurers and profiteers of religion (scene at the temple bazaar) and those who did nothing to help the needy (the good Samaritan).

    We will finally see if the Christian Left or the Christian right gets to heaven.

  • Riker

    @Spike: There are four gay bars in my local area, and they all serve Coors. Every bar in Manhattan i’ve been to serves Coors beer, too. Your information is about 40 years out of date.

    Do the bars in your area also not serve screwdrivers, because Anita Bryant does commercials for Florida Oranges?

  • charli girl

    @Mason: @Mason:
    Hey cupcake? What constutes a male job? Sounds like u r just tad insecure pumkin.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    @Riker: Give us ole guys a break. We forget easily!

  • Macmantoo

    Coors was one of the most sucessful of the gay boycotts. Now there are too many organizations against us but at the same time there are more supporting us. As a gay human being I will chose who I do business with. I will not chose a business supporting to lessen my rights.

    This cop was just baiting these ladies. Is it harrassment? Not in the legal sense. If other cops were allowed to eat at their desk then he should have been aforded the same right. Should he be put on graveyard, not for this problem but chances are he has done things in the past where this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I guess we’ll never know. But as far as Chik-fil-a goes, if one was in my area i wouldn’t support it, just like I don’t support others companies who has given money to the gay hate groups.

  • Spike

    @Riker: Let me guess, the gay bars you ref. are owned by str8t people. Care to name them, go ahead, you can just make up the names so that it appears that you have one the debate here.

    Oh, and no I don’t drink screw drivers.

  • Blah Blah..huh?

    @Spike: Good call. It’s the reverse Zarathustra complex of click-happy kids who know nothing with pride. Soooo cool! And, it’s like funner reading like, um, Queerty. Here comes some of them now to toss a “jealousy” charge out, or some kind of signifier that indicates the shallowness is a “plan” man, and you just don’t get it, like fer sure yer old and whatnot.

  • Blah Blah..huh?

    @Barry Battle: Says Barry Battle, the guy who just defined a reactionary stance to a T. Where do you repuke trolls congregate to talk about scripting spin? I mean can you even speak to each other and know what you mean any more? It’s like a Pinocchio convention in your brains, I just can’t picture it in real life.

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