Dallas Police Sergeant Transferred Over Chick-fil-A Brouhaha

There’s a new twist in the ongoing Chick-fil-A controversy: Two unnamed lesbian police officers have filed a formal complaint with the Dallas Police Association over an incident with police Sergeant Mark Johnson. Last week during Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, Johnson brought in a meal from the fast-food chain and, according to the women, confronted them about the controversy surrounding the eatery.

But before the incident could be investigated, Johnson was transferred from his night shift at the Dallas southeast station to the graveyard shift at the Dallas County jail.

Dallas Police Association president Ron Pinkston is concerned that the move was proscribed as punishment before the facts could be ascertained: “There [were] comments to me that he’s a supervisor, [that] he shouldn’t have brought that chicken sandwich to work that day. [But] they didn’t ask him his side of the story or anything,” said Pinkston. “The department took a side on the issue and transferred him immediately.”